You deserve a very special thank you.  For what?  You will know exactly why after reading this quick, fascinating… and… true story… It’s incredible how one person can make a difference.

The year was 1960.  A British lawyer named Peter Benenson was reading his local newspaper when he came across a shocking story.  Two Portuguese students had made a toast to freedom in a Lisbon restaurant… and because of this… were arrested and sentenced to SEVEN YEARS IN PRISON.

Shocked at what he read, Mr. Benenson wrote a letter calling for a one-year campaign to address the conditions of six “prisoners of conscience” around the world that was printed on the front page of The Observer newspaper.  To his amazement… tens of thousands responded with letters to the Portuguese government.

Not only were the students released… Mr. Benenson… one man… with one letter… had started a movement.  His movement, called Amnesty International, now numbers approximately 1.8 million members, won the 1977 Nobel Peace Prize for “defending human dignity against violence and subjugation” by focusing on human rights and cases of torture and unjust imprisonment around the world.

What’s this have to do with you and why am I thanking you?

Here’s what:  It is easy to feel small in this world.  Like our actions really don’t mean much in the whole big scheme of things.  And many times we don’t do things simply because we don’t think they will “matter”

Am I right?

Well, this story makes it abundantly clear how small, seemingly insignificant actions of ONE PERSON can have a dramatic impact on millions of lives.  Truth is – most of the time — we never even know how many lives our “little” actions effect – every single day.

That’s why I’m thanking you… in advance… for all the family members, loved ones and friends you may refer to our practice over your lifetime.  You may not think it’s a big deal now, but I guarantee you, the impact you have on their lives is immeasurable.

Sure, it may not be starting something like Amnesty International.  But, it is a small act with very big consequences.  When you help someone stop suffering with pain… it is one of the best gifts you can ever give.

So, once again, thank you.



Dr. David M. Warwick D.C.


P.S.  Here’s a great quote by Margaret Mead I thought you would like:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,

committed citizens can change the world.

 Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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