Where Does Back Pain Come From?

Where does back pain come from has been a common question asked by people. It attacks many people both young and old from time to time. The big question remains, what causes back pain? According to doctor Dr. David Warwick back pain is often caused by overworking hence making your muscles strain a lot more than they are supposed to. This physical work includes doing a lot of house chores, working in your yard, cleaning your car, snow shoveling and so on.

Dr. David Warwick goes an extra mile to advise you on where exactly the back pain comes from.Though a lot of study done on causes of back pain shows that the pain is caused by overworking, multiple re occurrences of micro-traumatic events can cause a severe back pain especially when a certain threshold exceeds, (if you can remember the adage, the camel back was broken by a straw).

David Warwick, Your Chiropractic Specialist

Dr. David Warwick is your Lacey Chiropractic specialist that you need for instant neck/ back pain relief, he speaks of other yet to be discovered causes of back pain like referred pain. This type of pain is usually resulting from a damaged soft tissue or irritating joint which may not be where you are feeling pain. A good example is that, if you are feeling pain in the leg higher chances would that the problem is injuries at facet joint, sacroiliac joint or a disk tear exception of nerve root pinch. This refers to as sclerogenous pain.

Another cause of back pain may be from internal organs, known as the viscerosomatic response (VSR).An example of this is when your right shoulder blade aches, mostly when the gall bladder is inflamed. Usually, the pain is located at underneath scapula just next to the spine, and you feel a kind of sensitivity or pain when you touch the muscles around that area. Bending in different directions does not increase the level of pain, unlike MSK pain. You may end up confusing this situation with a back ache or MSK pain.

To diagnose this problem, it may call for an abdominal ultrasound.

Cases of Visceral pathology backaches are very hard to find. A recently survey done showed that non-musculoskeletal complaints are as lows as 5.3%. VSR pain signs are like mid-upper back, liver right upper shoulder, heart left chest to left arm, right middle to low back, appendix right lower abdomen starts as stomach ache, upper tailbone, ovaries groin and colon mid-abdominal.

Treating cancer in the spine has proven a great challenge; it can be metastatic or primary. Luckily, this is unusual. Dr. David Warwick recommends a test should be done in the case of massive weight loss, sleep interruptions, a history of cancer above 50 years of age so as to determine whether you may be suffering from spine cancer.

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