The Surprising Posture Connection… And Do Your Children Have Scoliosis?

When you think about Chiropractic – looking sexy is usually not the first thing that comes to mind.  But the funny thing is, in reality, Chiropractic may have a lot more to do with looking sexy and feeling healthier than you think.

Here is why:  Imagine two people.  The first person walks into the room and looks tall.  Maybe 6’1”.  They are standing up straight, shoulders back, head held high and chest out.hen you think about Chiropractic – looking sexy is usually not the first thing that comes to mind.  But the funny thing is, in reality, Chiropractic may have a lot more to do with looking sexy and feeling healthier than you think. He or she has a big smile of their face as they gracefully stride across the room.  Every step exudes confidence.  Every breath they take is deep, yet relaxed and effortless. Every eye is on them because their presence is immediate and profound.

They Have “It”

In other words – they immediately stick out in the crowd.  Everyone notices them and is intrigued and drawn to them.  They have that “it” quality.  People want to meet this person before he or she even says a word. Ok… enough of that person.  Let’s imagine person #2…

Person #2 enters the room and looks smaller.  Maybe 5’8”.  He or she enters slowly… sheepishly.  Shoulders are rounded forward.  Their back a little hunched over and their head sticks out in front of their chest.

They almost look like a giraffe struggling to hold up its head.

They walk slowly… almost painfully… shuffling their feet in small steps.  Their breath is shallow and their face doesn’t have the hint of a smile.

Most people don’t even notice this person – and if they do – they instantly look away.

Now, I’m sure you have seen the exact two people you have just imagined.  Everyone has.  But few stop and think about…

How All This Impacts YOU…

For example, did you know some experts claim between 50-80% of all communication is non-verbal?  In other words, a majority of the way people form an impression of you comes from body language. From the example above, this makes complete sense.  That’s why the two people in the example above can actually BE THE SAME PERSON!

That’s right!  Because our perception is our reality, we can perceive the exact same person to be taller, friendlier, happier, better looking (SEXIER!), more successful etc… simple by the way they carry himself or herself.

Maybe our mothers were right when they yelled at us to “SIT UP STRAIGHT!”

There is no doubt an average looking person can seem much more beautiful simply by their body language and that oh so important facial expression called a smile. 

But this goes way beyond just the way you look…

…Because the way you carry yourself – or your “posture” also has an impact on your health in a couple important ways.

First is mentally.

For example… Office staff have been taught for years to smile when they answer the phone.  Why? Well, the simple act of smiling changes your attitude and your voice in a positive way  the caller can perceive.

In other words, simply smiling puts you in a better mood.  A better mood not only makes you more attractive and liked by other people… it can make you feel better and healthier.

Healthier?  Yes, Healthier because stress is extremely bad.  Basically – stress kills.

So, the more you smile, the better you feel, the less stress you have… and believe it or not… all this can possibly have an impact on your health.

Smile more if you want to be more liked, more attractive and improve your health!

But wait, there’s more!  Just like smiling can change your attitude,

appearance and health… so can your posture.

Like in the example above, the exact same person can be perceived much differently – even taller or shorter – just by their posture.

Just the act of standing up straight and tall can make you feel better about yourself.

But, one of the most important things about having good posture is its…

Effect On Your

Spine And Health

You see, your spine is your life-line.  Your brain controls every function of your body by sending messages down your spinal chord and nervous system.

Your spinal chord and nerve roots (where the nerve passes between your spinal bones) is protected by your spinal bones.  To have optimal function of your spinal chord and nervous system, you must have proper posture. Slumping, slouching and bending over incorrectly directly affects your spine and puts stress on important structures.

And the really bad part is: the longer you slouch and have bad posture, the worse it gets. Basically, bad posture leads to more bad posture and the effects amplify.

Not only does bad posture affect your spine, but it can also affect your breathing.  Rounded shoulders and hunching over often causes more shallow breathing with can supply less oxygen to your vital organs.  If optimal health is your goal – this is not a good thing.

And besides all that – who in their right mind wants to look like  the hunchback of Notre Dame when they get older?

So How Can You Avoid Bad Posture And Look Your Best And Healthiest?

There are several things you can do.  First, always make an effort to keep good posture.

Standing and sitting up straight sounds easy, but most do not know how to do it.

If you sit at work, it is ever more important.  Your work station should be set up properly for your body.  Many people now-a-days work on a computer all day and then come home and spend a couple more hours on their computer at night.  This can be a nightmare for your posture and spinal health.

But here’s something that is really important to understand…

If you have bad posture or any spinal misalignments, you may need Chiropractic treatment to correct these problems.

Just fixing your posture may not correct your spinal problem.  In fact, obtaining the correct posture may be extremely difficult, or painful, until Chiropractic treatments fix the problem.

That’s why it is important to be examined by a Chiropractor for spinal problems – have them fixed – and have your Chiropractor work with you and show you the optimal posture for you.

Fixing your spinal misalignments and correcting your posture will not only make you look more confident (maybe even sexier!) it will help alleviate any aches and pains and optimize your natural health potential.

That’s why we would like to offer you a complete postural evaluation and check-up completely FREE.

If you have an aches of pains (or would just like to look sexier!) simply give us a call at 360-951-4504.

When Karen or Kathy answer the phone, tell her you want your “FREE posture check-up.”  She will know exactly what you are talking about and schedule you for the next available time that fits into your schedule.

Your check-up will only take about 10 minutes and you can ask any question you may have.

So, if you’d like to feel and look better… give us a call right now.

This FREE posture evaluation and check-up offer is only good for remainder of this month.

See you soon,

Dr. David Warwick

P.S.  If you have children, this information may be even more important.  Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that affects many children and it is important to detect it as soon as possible.  That’s why this offer is also free for any of your children.  Just give us a call and tell Karen or Kathy you would like a “scoliosis examination.”  Many children have scoliosis and do not even know it until they are examined by a proper health care provider.  Call for your free scoliosis evaluation right now.

Call 360-951-4504 for a FREE postural check-up for you AND a scoliosis evaluation for your children.

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