This has happened to us all…

One of your family members or friends is suffering in pain and you want to help. It might be back pain, neck pain, headaches or whichever type of pain they are in… you know if they came to see us… we could probably help them.

That’s because we helped you with a very similar condition. And you have met countless others in our waiting room that we have also helped. So now, it makes sense they should take your advice and come to see us. But for whatever reason… they don’t.

That can be frustrating… right?

Well, here’s something that will help you help more of your friends and family members who are suffering in pain…

The first thing to remember is this:

Even though it makes complete sense to you about how and why we helped you – you were probably – at one point – skeptical. And you had certain questions you wanted answered before you would give us a shot.

That’s why it is good to tell anyone you would like to refer to us these few things that will help to set them at ease:

1) That we have a “no pressure” practice. Our goal is to get our patients out of pain as fast as humanly possible… at the least cost to them. Many people have the impression that once you go to a Chiropractor, you have to keep going for the rest of your life. You know that is not how we operate and it is important your friends and family members know it, too.

2) We work with Medical Doctors and give you the best care possible. We understand that some patients need more than what we have in our office. When we determine that to be the case, we immediately make recommendations to the appropriate doctors with the patient’s best interest in mind.
Just by telling your family members and friends these few simple things, it may make their decision easier and… in the end… have a dramatic impact of their lives.

It may be the difference between them seeing us and possibly getting out of pain – or continuing to suffer unnecessarily.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and your confidence to send your family and friends to us. Referring in your loved ones is the greatest compliment you can give us.

If you need an appointment, just give us a call at 360-951-4504 and we will get you right in. You know we will always work with your busy schedule.

Thanks again,

Dr. David Warwick

P.S. You may even want to give this letter to the person you would like to refer to us. And tell them they can have a free consultation to discuss their problem and what we might be able to do about it.

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