Lacey / Olympia, Washington –  Maybe it’s just a coincidence but chances are, it’s because the average person is so much more informed these days.

That’s why many educated and informed neck and back pain suffers are shying away from pain medication and having success with all-natural options.

Why So Many People Relieve Pain Naturally

(1) People are frustrated when drugs don’t work and with the potential side effects… and…
(2) Many all-natural options are now mainstream and accepted in the medical community.

What was frowned upon many years ago is now, in many cases, researched and a part of a modern physician’s practice.

That’s also why, for neck and back pain, modern mainstream doctors of Chiropractic are often the treatment of choice.

Local Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. David Warwick, located at 8730 Tallon Lane NE #104 provides short term affordable care for neck and back pain relief.

He offers “pay per visit” short term conservative Chiropractic treatment for your neck and pain. You are not committed to a long, expensive care “program”.

If you are suffering with neck or back pain – call 360-951-4504. You will be seen immediately for the care you want and can afford.

To learn more about how Chiropractic works, go to

For an appointment call 360-951-4504.

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