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We at Warwick Chiropractor, your Lacey, Olympia, Washington chiropractor, are very proud to announce that we have just topped the 200 mark on Google Reviews with the vast majority of them being 5 star reviews.

This is very important in many ways as we strive to help our patients and ease their pain to the best of our ability. We have been treating people with all kinds of conditions including neck pain, back pain, sciatica problems, shoulder pain, headaches and lots more. We’ve seen some wonderful people come in barely able to walk, and then after a few sessions, have their movement and freedom back again. This is the best part of the practice for us. Helping people manage their back and neck pain, and seeing them regain their lives.

And this is reflected in the testimonials they write about us, and this is exactly what helps new patients and people in need. These positive reviews help these people too, so you indirectly have an impact on helping others get out of pain too.

In short, helping you, our patients, means that you provide us with the positive feedback, which in turn helps other people seeking similar treatment.

So it is a very important cycle to maintain.

We see reviews from all over our local area in Lacey, as well as those who have come to us from further afield such as Tacoma, and even as far away as Seattle. We are extremely happy that we are able to help those within our immediate community as well as those in more distant locations.

See what others are saying, and if you’ve had a positive experience with us, we’d love to hear your testimonials too.

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So once again, from all of us here at Warwick Chiropractic, your Lacey, Olympia Washington chiropractor, thank you for all our positive feedback and reviews. And don’t stop coming from Seattle and Tacoma too. We love to help you all.

Dr. Warwick of Warwick Chiropractic has many satisfied patients! We are thankful they shared their experiences here. Please feel free to Submit a Review and share your own!

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to health care, which focuses not just on localized symptoms, but considers the whole body approach to healing.  A problem in one part of the body may affect other areas of the body in ways that may not be appreciated when the healer is focusing only on local symptoms.

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My husband first saw Dr. Warwick after an injury. He finally convinced me to go, and I can never thank him enough. Dr. W is caring, gentle and very concerned about the long lasting health of his patients. I love that I can get out of bed in the morning with ease, feel as if my posture is better and have an all around feeling of better health. Thank you for all the great care! 
Shannon E

Happy Spouse

I started seeing Dr. Warwick after dealing with back, neck, shoulder and foot pain from a jet ski incident last summer. Dr. Warwick has been able to reduce the pain and discomfort significantly, and I’m back to doing some of the things I used to do before I got hurt. Dr. Warwick truly cares for his patients – it’s obvious when you go in to see him and chat with him.

Thanks, Dr. Warwick!

Pat B.

Dr. Warwick is a FANTASTIC healer! He made my back pain completely go away.

Thank you so much!

R. Link.

It’s worth the drive! We trust Dr. Warwick’s advice and always feel great after an adjustment. The whole team is professional, friendly, and wonderful.
Jessica P.

Dr. Warwick has provided me with excellent care. I had a work related injury with limited mobility. I felt an improvement after just two visits. It also was not a problem to be worked into the schedule if I need an extra visit.

I had a previous chiropractor that made me uncomfortable with the way I was adjusted. Dr. Warwick reassured me and asked me several questions about how I had been manipulated before.

What I felt comfortable with and what I did not want. He was able to adjust me with my preferences and limitations. I recommend Dr. Warwick as caring knowledgeable doctor that will do what is necessary to get you back to normal.

Sherry C.D.

I met Dr. Warwick at a BRING referral group in Tumwater and had the pleasure to have a “great – get to know you” meeting. His reputation in the group we attend is impeccable and everyone that used his services were recommending him as a great doctor, that he really cares about people.

I got curious and I went and see him after a little golf injury I had last week. His office and crew are great! It was a pleasure to have him straighten my back and spine and I learned how to prevent some of the possible causes of injury. I feel great just one day after my visit! I recommend Dr. Warwick to anybody that wants to get rid of pain and find out how to prevent some injuries…

Thank you.

Gabriel T.

I had been suffering with severe pelvic and sciatic nerve pain for the last month and half or so of my pregnancy. I was unable to walk around a grocery store, tend to daily household duties, lie down in bed or even just roll myself over.

My husband Jeremy made me an appointment with Dr. Warwick about three weeks ago. After my previous experiences with chiropractors, I was very hesitant to think that anything was going to help with the huge amount of pain I was in.

He is an amazing, compassionate and gentle chiropractor. He took his time to describe in detail what was going on and what he was going to do, which left me confident and comfortable. Most of all the pain has gone from a 7-8 to a 1-2 (an 8 is very high considering I have birthed 3 children all natural) in the past few weeks. I am able to walk and have more mobility of my pelvis, what a total blessing.

I highly recommend Dr. David Warwick to any of my friends and family!

Samantha E.

Dr Warwick is a talented chiropractor. He listens to my concerns and problem areas and takes his time to make sure everything is put back into place.

His schedule is very flexible and it is nice being seen at my convenience and especially nice feeling balanced when I walk out the door.

Rosanna U.

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