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Low back pain (LBP) will most likely strike at some point for all of us, at least that’s what statistically, happens. How we “deal with it” initially can be critical in its progression or cessation.
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Low Back Pain (LBP) will most likely strike at some point for all of us; at least that’s what statistically happens. How we “deal with it” initially can be critical.

Statistics show that almost 80% of the population will experience back pain in their lifetime and over 50% the population will experience more than 10 episodes of back pain in their lifetime. Over 149 million days of work are lost a year and an astronomical amount between a $100 -200 billion/year which 2/3rds are due to decreased wages and productivity.

Causation of back pain can be attributed to a multitude of factors; sedentary lifestyle, too much or too little exercise, weight management and BMI index above 25, occupation, traumas, traveling on planes, trains and automobiles and the list goes on and on.

We are hard on our bodies. When injured our body has a very unique way of protecting the injured area with inflammation or what we call toxins to protect the injured site. Over time, that injured site builds toxins that form scarring or adhesions to various tissues. The adhesions and inflammation limits your ability to move in a particular area and sends out a signal of pain to tell you something is not right. Sometimes those pain signals get ignored and other injuries occur or you learn to adapt and continue on. It’s what I call, “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” It’s not the straw that did it, it’s the whole hay bale that you have been carrying around that just one more piece of straw did you in.” It’s usually the same story, “I was just bending down to pick up something like a paper bag, a pencil or in the shower when my back went out”. So what are you going to do about it?

Well surgery should be your last resort starting with less invasive treatments. Even medications or over-the-counter medicines for a short time but still not getting any relief. But before treating, we must understand where your pain is coming from. Research has shown the intervertebral disc is most likely the cause of your pain. The disc is vastly innervated by nerves; in fact our whole body is communicating with nerves called the nervous system. Every cell, tissue and organ is deeply and vastly supplied by the nervous system. When a nerve or nerves get pinched or have pressure on them they cannot communicate to the tissues or cells. We many times notice it as pain. Many times there can even be no symptoms of pain but how most people determine our health is when we don’t have pain. Chiropractic treatment through an overwhelming response of level of satisfaction helps YOU who suffer with Back Pain.

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The message is clear. Try Chiropractic first! Bottom line, If you have LBP, come see us, as we will evaluate and treat YOU, NOT your x-rays (or MRI) findings!



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