Dr. Josh Kievett DC

Dr. Kievitt is a 2024 graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, where he achieved Summa Cum Laude honors. Prior to this, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Drexel University and then completed postbaccalaureate work in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology at Bastyr University.

Before embarking on a chiropractic career, Dr. Kievitt spent over a decade in the education and behavioral healthcare fields. His work focused on helping children and young adults overcome social, emotional, and learning challenges. This work gave him a unique perspective on the holistic needs of each patient.

During chiropractic school, Dr. Kievitt gained valuable experience through a preceptor program at a functional neurology clinic. Here, he witnessed the profound impact of chiropractic, not only for pain relief, but also for restoring brain and body function.

Committed to continuous learning and excellence, Dr. Kievitt uses a variety of full spine chiropractic techniques to provide high-quality personalized care. His mission is to help patients adapt to stress, move beyond limitations, and experience new possibilities through body-based treatments. Dr. Kievitt is dedicated to guiding his patients toward improved health and well-being, enabling them to lead more vibrant and fulfilling lives.