Cold Laser Therapy at Warwick Chiropractic

Cold Laser Therapy and You

Cold laser therapy has been instrumental in helping many people across the world to not only manage their pain, but relieve it as well. Dr. David Warwick is able to provide this service to his patients using the latest technological equipment that help the body to heal quicker.

The therapy has been FDA approved for many years and Warwick Chiropractic uses the FDA approved Erchonia Low Level Lasers.

These low level lasers have proven their effectiveness in reducing inflammation, joint pain, arthritis, plantar fascitis, peripheral neuropathy, and more. In combination with other forms of therapy such as chiropractic, cold laser therapy can be even more effective in enabling the patient to get out of pain quicker and enabling them to lead active lives again.

It is another option and method that can help you. When you come in, we can assess your condition and see if this therapy would work for you.


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Cold Laser Therapy at Warwick Chiropractic

How do the lasers work?

Based on your condition, the laser equipment is programmed to certain wavelengths, also known as protocols and then the laser is shone on your specific area of concern.

In simple terms, it regenerates tissue on a molecular level and breaks up scar tissue helping to reduce inflammation. This results in increased blood flow resulting in quicker healing and repair of the afflicted area.

One cold laser therapy session is said to be the equivalent of 15 ultra sounds, this makes for a highly effective treatment and can lead to many avoiding surgery thanks to the power of cold laser technology.

The beauty of cold laser therapy is that treatment is adapted for whatever your pain level and condition, meaning the correct protocols will be applied to you, helping to improve your healing quickly and efficiently. We will therefore tailor any cold laser treatment to your needs, getting you out of pain quickly and affordably.

Will the treatment hurt?

The treatment is totally non-evasive, you will likely feel nothing at all. Some people do feel a slight warmth as the treatment is being applied, but most feel nothing.

Is Low Level Laser therapy right for my condition?

Cold laser therapy has a high success rate, and we have had great success in Low Level Laser therapy treatments at our office for many conditions; however, not everyone’s condition is the same.

As always, Dr. David Warwick at Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey Olympia WA offers a FREE, no-obligation consultation, so you get a chance to sit down to discuss your case, and find out if Low Level Laser therapy is right for you.

Clinical Research

Although cold laser therapy has been around several decades, it’s only recently that the technology has advanced so much that doctors have been able to get consistent and successful results from the therapy. This is backed up in a great deal of research which has been published. We use the Erchonia lasers, and they have provided a page dedicated to proven research showing the impact cold lasers have had on a variety of treatments. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to click through and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked many questions about cold laser therapy (or low level laser therapy). Here’s a selection of the most popular. Of course, if you have any questions relating to it and yourself, come in and see us and we will be able to assess you.

What is low-level laser therapy?

It is a treatment method utilizing low intensity photonic energy.

How does it work?

The body’s cells are infused with energy which results in a reduction of inflammation, regeneration of cells, and increased blood flow.

Cold laser equipment Warwick Chiropractic

What is it used for?

There are countless applications for this treatment, but the most popular (and one’s which have already cleared FDA approval for Erchonia laser equipment) include neck, shoulder & back pain, acne, laser assisted lipsuction and even non-invasive body contouring. Trials are on going for other applications.

What are the benefits of low-laser therapy?

The benefits are great. Firstly it is non invasive, so a perfect solution for people who want to avoid surgery. It has proven results in reducing pain and promote healing.

How safe is it?

These lasers are very safe. The only precaution generally needed are special goggles or glasses to filter out the laser effects on the eyes.

What depth does the laser penetrate?

This is dependent on several factors including mass and density, but the low level light does penetrate and thus promote healing and relief to the afflicted area. Heat lamps do not.

Does it hurt?

Some people have mentioned that they feel a very slight heating effect while the lasers are in use, but it is very minor. Most won’t feel anything at all.

How is it applied to the body?

The device provides the correct protocols to administer to the afflicted area based on your condition. The probe containing the laser lights are held or moved over the afflicted area for a predetermined time in order for it to be effective. The distance can be anything between 4″ and 1′ depending on condition.

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