Lacey Chiropractor Advanced Certified

Lacey Chiropractor Zone Technique

We are delighted to announce that Lacey chiropractor, Warwick Chiropractic & Massage has been awarded status of Certified and Advanced Certified Practitioner in the Zone Technique.

With this additional knowledge, Dr. Warwick is able to apply a new strategy to address patient’s pain needs, whether experiencing back or neck pain, hip pain, headaches or even issues relating to glandular, digestive or even circulatory issues. The technique will allow him to help patients with many needs.

So what is the Zone Technique and how does it work?

Consider that traditional chiropractic theory assumes that the brain is sending out proper signals and when treatment applied is to locate and relieve sublaxations (the essence that is the cause of many health problems), these signals are opened up to the cells of the body and everything works as it should.

But what if these signals the brain is sending out aren’t healthy or working as they should? In that case all that has been done is that is opened up these faulty brain signals to the cells of the body. Nothing is fixed and the problem may actually be accentuated.

What the Zone Technique does is to quickly identify which brain signals are not working properly and balances them with a gentle spinal cord manipulation.

Dr. Warwick is very experienced and utilizes many other chiropractic techniques enabling him to approach each patient based on their specific needs. Manual adjustments, adjustments with instruments, whatever is needed to help patients out of pain, he has the tools and knowledge to apply. Even if the goal is simply one of wellness, he has many strategies and treatment protocols to be able to achieve those patient goals.

Every treatment session, Dr. Warwick will address patient pain points and explain what he intends to do. Whether its the Zone Technique, or manual adjustment or instrument adjustment, Dr. Warwick will explain why the pain is there and the means to manage it. Providing patients with the understanding of what is going on is as important as the hands on treatment itself.

At Warwick Chiropractic and Massage, patients can be assured that there will be no long or over expensive care plans to be concerned about. Each patient is different and each patient will be treated based on their own pain points. There will be no long term commitments and no cookie cutter approach. Each patient will be told the anticipated treatment and estimated time for relief. In many cases, patients find relief in as little as 3 visits, while others may take a little longer. It all depends on each patient’s condition.

Dr. Warwick’s practice offers patients many pain relief solutions. You can check out many of these services here. Also, the practice includes massage therapy which can be very beneficial to receive prior to being adjusted.

Warwick Chiropractic & Massage is located at 8650 Martin Way East Ste 207, Lacey, WA 98516, phone 360-951-4504. The practice operates a walk ins welcome policy, but appointments can also be made online or via phone. Massage therapy does require an appointment.