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What Can  the Zone Technique Do for YOU?

The Zone Technique dovetails beautifully with chiropractic care. In an ideal world, traditional chiropractic theory assumes that the brain is sending out proper signals and when treatment applied is to locate and relieve sublaxations (the essence that is the cause of many health problems), these signals are opened up to the cells of the body and everything works as it should.

But what if these signals the brain is sending out aren’t healthy or working as they should?

In that case all that has been done is that is opened up these faulty brain signals to the cells of the body. Nothing is fixed and the problem may actually be accentuated.

What the Zone Technique does is to quickly identify which brain signals are not working properly and balances them with a gentle spinal cord manipulation.

The result? Fast and effective pain relief and a controlled road to recovery and back to the life you want to lead.

Zone Technique – Results That Matter

The Zone Technique breaks the body up into six zones. Why six? Because there are basically six types of disturbances that can affect the body.

The six are:

  • Glandular
  • Eliminative
  • Nervous
  • Digestive
  • Muscular
  • Circulatory

What we will do at Warwick Chiropractic is to trace back these imbalances that you may have in one (or more) of these zones. Once found, we will treat these zones and bring your body back into proper balance.

The result? A normal state of health and a happier you.

Zone 1

The Glandular System

  • Increase memory, energy, sleep, and relaxation
  • Regulate immune system and hormonal system
  • Thyroid, pineal, and pituitary gland care
  • Appetite regulation

Zone 2

The Eliminitive System

  • Strengthen lung, kidney, and bladder function
  • Regulate colon & bowel movements
  • Clear sinuses, nasal passages, and bronchial tubes
  • Eliminate bloating and bodily toxins

Zone 3

The Nervous System

  • Improve mood
  • Improve sleep
  • Eye and ear health
  • Balance the hormonal system
  • Increase energy, remain calm and relaxed

Zone 4

The Digestive System

  • Normalize weight
  • Salivary gland health / normalize sense of taste
  • Sustain healthy liver, intestines, and gall bladder
  • Digest foods that were previously agitating
  • Boost energy

Zone 5

The Muscular System

  • Restore proper range of motion and movement
  • Expedite muscle recovery and improve strength
  • Improve suppleness and flexibility
  • Restore center of gravity / eliminate dizziness

Zone 6

The Circulatory System

  • Heart health
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Healthy blood vessels
  • Proper circulation

No Long Term Treatment Plans

Dr. Warwick is very experienced and utilizes many other chiropractic techniques enabling him to approach each patient based on their specific needs. Manual adjustments, adjustments with instruments, whatever is needed to help patients out of pain, he has the tools and knowledge to apply. Even if the goal is simply one of wellness, he has many strategies and treatment protocols to be able to achieve those patient goals.

Every treatment session, Dr. Warwick will address patient pain points and explain what he intends to do. Whether its the Zone Technique, or manual adjustment or instrument adjustment, Dr. Warwick will explain why the pain is there and the means to manage it. Providing patients with the understanding of what is going on is as important as the hands on treatment itself.

At Warwick Chiropractic and Massage, patients can be assured that there will be no long or over expensive care plans to be concerned about. Each patient is different and each patient will be treated based on their own pain points. There will be no long term commitments and no cookie cutter approach.

Every patient will be told the anticipated treatment and estimated time for relief. In many cases, patients find relief in as little as 3 visits, while others may take a little longer. It all depends on each patient’s condition.

The Chiro Trust Pledge

The doctors of Warwick Chiropractic have taken the ChiroTrust® pledge.

“The ChiroTrust® Pledge is to provide short term Chiropractic care for neck and back pain. To the best of our ability, We agree to provide our patients convenient, affordable, and mainstream Chiropractic care. We will not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and / or therapies.”

Great feedback from our patients

Chiropractors, massage therapists, and staff are amazing. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had body work done & they are helping me get back to feeling great again. I highly recommend this office.

Shelly Grady on Google

Efficient staff, good customer service, great chiropractic adjustment and communication about treatment. I was very impressed by the whole experience.

Joan S on Google

Lacey Zone Technique FAQs

What is the Zone Technique?

The Zone Technique was developed by Dr. Peter Goldman. It breaks the body down into 6 zones of functions where the chiropractor utilizes specific spinal adjustment protocols.

The goal is to bring the body back to its original operational state… the state in which it works best.

Dr Warwick is the only chiropractor in Olympia WA who is certified in the Zone Technique.

Do I Need a Referral?

No, if you have back pain, neck pain, whiplash injury, auto accident, work injury, wrist pain, sciatica, shoulder pain or more, just come in and we will examine you and help you.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?

We offer a walk in friendly policy, no appointments are required.

If you do want to be seen at a specific time, we do offer appointments and you can easily book online here.

So if you want to try a new way to find relief, all you need to do is to come and see us.

What is the Process? How Does it Work?

All our paperwork is available online and we encourage all new patients to fill out and bring in ahead of time. This saves you time.

Next, we will examine you and discuss with you what your problems are. 

If everything is good, we can perform the first adjustment right away and you will be on the road to recovery.

How Many Visits are Needed?

Every patient is different and this is one of the great strengths of the Zone Technique. It isn’t cookie cutter. It can easily be applied to the patient’s needs with great results.

So depending on your condition, it could be as few as one or two visits, or maybe more.

The good news is that the technique is very effective and we see results almost instantly.

Is it Covered by Insurance?

Yes and we accept many different insurance plans.

Please contact 360-951-4504 and tell us your insurance and we can advise your coverage.

Do I Need to Do this Forever?

No, once we have you back to the place you want to be, that’s it, treatment is over. One of our mantras is no long term treatment plans.

Having said that, many people do continue coming back for regular maintenance to ensure their body is at optimal performance.

Make the Move Towards Recovery

The Zone Technique is designed to fix the source of your problem. Treat the source and you treat the symptoms automatically.

If you wish to begin living a pain free life, call in and see us today.

Office Information

8650 Martin Way E Ste 207 Lacey, Washington 98516
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Lacey Zone Chiropractor Dr David Warwick DC

Meet Dr Warwick DC, Lacey’s #1 Reviewed Chiropractor

Dr. David Warwick is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

He has been helping patients obtain better health through chiropractic for over 20 years.

Dr. Warwick has participated in many post-doctorate studies including the status of Certified and Advanced Certified Practitioner in the Zone Technique.

He runs a results driven practice meaning patients getting out of pain fast!

More Great feedback from our patients

Everyone in the office, from the front desk staff to the chiropractors to the claims manager, have embraced me and done everything possible to address my physical needs and L&I issues. I highly recommend Warwick Chiropractic ❤

Marialyce Steinberg on Google

Very friendly, professional staff. Both on telephone and in office. Tessa my doctor was amazing and made me smile and feel comfortable being my first visit. I forgot how it feels to not have constant backache. Definitely going back.

Shelby Halin on Google

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