GERD & Its Effects

Have you heard of GERD? Gastro esophageal reflux disease happens when the contents of the stomach reflux back up into the esophagus. The esophagus transfers, food back from the acidic stomach up into the throat. This is what leads to the burning taste and heartburn in the chest. GERD treatment can include modifications to lifestyle or using a PPI, which is a protein pump inhibitor.

If a patient doesn’t find relief from either of these two treatments, a doctor might recommend surgery to tighten the hiatus, or an opening in the diaphragm, where the esophagus travels before connecting to the stomach. There is obviously risk associated with surgery, but also the use of the PPI. Because of this, many patients seek out alternative, conservative treatments to help with their symptoms.

Chiropractic Care & GERD

Recent studies have been done on the use of manual therapies and conservative approaches for GERD. These therapies look to strengthen the esophagus muscles and the surrounding muscles which prevents acid reflux from coming up the stomach.

A specific study done looked at the benefit of respiratory exercises to strengthen the crura of the diaphragm. The author found that these exercises increased the patient’s quality of life by decreasing their symptoms. Their PPI use also went down significantly. It is important to note that the crura of the diaphragm is an important component of the antireflux barrier. The antireflux barrier functions as an extrinsic esophagogastric junction sphincter. Another study found that visceral manipulation has also led to improvements for patients in the above categories.

A recent study took 30 GERD patients and looked at the difference between myofascial release and sham treatments. Half of the group had for 25 minute myofascial release sessions over two weeks, and the other group received four sham treatments within the same timeframe.

To no surprise, participants in the Myofadcial group reported improvements in the above categories not just directly after treatment, but for a month following. Myofascial release has also been found to lower esophageal, sphincter pressure.

Through looking at these studies, done on conservative approaches, we can see that they are a much safer and more affordable way to go about treating GERD and its symptoms. If you are worried about suffering from long-term effects, or the aftermath of surgery, contact us today to get pain-free help with your GERD.

How We Can Help with GERD in Lacey

At Warwick Chiropractic & Massage we can help. We are the only chiropractor in Lacey that offers something called Zone Technique. This technique looks at the 6 major elements of the body, namely:

  • Glandular
  • Eliminative
  • Nervous
  • Digestive
  • Muscular
  • Circulatory

and looks to seek balance in all areas to help the body get to an optimal condition in order to heal itself. The key component in terms of GERD is of course the digestive system, and it is here where our chiropractic treatment along with the Zone technique can really help our patients.

So if you are suffering GERD, come in and see us. We would love to help you and utilize our skills and knowledge to help reverse and maybe even eradicate the effects of GERD on your system.

We accept many insurances and are walk in friendly. Come in and see us and we will help you recover the right way, The Warwick Way.

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