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Foot and Knee Pain when Walking

Foot and Knee Pain when Walking

A fairly common complaint, particularly with teens and young adults is a condition known as Patellofemoral pain. This can give such issues as foot and knee pain when walking, running or exercising. The condition typically arises through a great degree of rubbing of...

Knee Pain Treatment in Lacey

Knee Pain Treatment in Lacey

We have been seeing a number of knee pain treatment patients in Lacey the past few months and thought it would be a good thing to have a quick blog post highlighting the issue and what to do about it. Knee pain can be caused from a variety of sources including...

Knee Pain – What’s the Cause?

Knee Pain – What’s the Cause?

Knee Pain - What's the Cause? It gets quite uncomfortable when knee pain arises as it hurts badly, but is the pain truly related to the knee? Knee pain is not directly associated with the knee and there have been many...


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