What Can Be About Knee Pain

Pain in the knee cap area, or patellofemoral (PF) pain is an extremely frequent issue; in women especially because their pelvis is naturally wider. A knock knee effect is exacerbated by rolling in the ankles, and having a wider pelvis causes this. Outward pressure can increase on the patella from this, and obstructs you from weight bearing activities. Dr David Warwick will tell you what can be done about knee pain.

The key is shifting the focus of the pelvis to the hip, knee, foot, and ankle muscles and their balance, since the width of the pelvis can not be tempered with. A study done in 2014 went out to show that exercises which target the knee and hip vs only the knee show better results for long term.

31 women with patellofemoral pain were assigned to one of two treatment plans: Group A was given hip and knee exercises and Group B was given just knee exercises for the same amount of time. After the eight weeks, researchers examined the 31 women, and gave them all a second examination a few months later. The study proved that the women in Group A who participated in both exercises had improved pain and functions than those in Group B.

The researchers of the study closed with this statement: “An intervention program consisting of hip muscle strengthening and lower-limb and trunk movement control exercises was more beneficial in improving pain, physical function, kinematics, and muscle strength compared to a program of quadriceps-strengthening exercises alone.”

So simply put, that is just one thing about what can be done about knee pain

Dr David Warwick chiropractic wants you to know that patients can get the best result from exercise that is applied to more than one area of discomfort. Chiropractic care may also be something to consider for your pain. Here at Warwick Chiropractic, we assess the whole person, not just the singular area a person feels pain. When put aside other treatment programs, this is why chiropractic care scores the best in patient contentment.

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