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We have produced a selection of Chiropractic care videos that will assist you in learning more about our practice and Dr. David Warwick’s professional care.  Warwick Chiropractic videos can be viewed below with additional videos on our YouTube Channel.

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Therapy Ball Exercises to Help Back Pain - Dr David Warwick, Warwick Chiropractic

Should I Talk to My Insurance Company?

Who is an Accident Doctor?

Tree Trimmer Crawls in with Severe Back Pain - Lacey Olympia Chiropractor

This Video is so AWESOME!!! Two Opera Singers Sing After their Adjustment w Dr David Warwick

Why Do I Need an Accident Doctor?

Act Now Before it's too Late

Why Should You Be Examined as Soon as Possible?

How Massage Helps With Neck and Back Pain - Massage Lacey with a Demonstration

If You've Been in an Accident, it's Vital to Get Checked Immediately

Will You Have Future Problems from an Injury? Lacey Chiropractor

Warwick Massage at Warwick Chiropractor Lacey

Chiropractor Doctor Gives Dentist Back Adjustment - Warwick Chiropractic Lacey

Do You Suffer from Headaches? - Warwick Chiropractic Lacey

Do You Suffer from Neck Pain? Warwick Chiropractic Lacey


View our Warwick Chiropractic Videos