Knee Pain – What’s the Cause?

It gets quite uncomfortable when knee pain arises as it hurts badly, but is the pain truly related to the knee? Knee pain is not directly associated with the knee and there have been many studies form time and again that link the problem with lower back, hips, feet and ankle. This time let’s focus on the role of foot and ankle in preserving the health of the knee.

Being a species that walks on two legs, every walk that we take affects us from the bottom to the whole body. The feet are attached to the ground so it is the first link in the kinetic chain whereas the head is the last link.

The process needs to stay smooth and if any of the links are affected lower down the chain, then it will certainly have a bearing on the links and there will be negative impact lower down the order.

The Action of the Foot

To help understand better, a pronated ankle where the foot rolls bends inward as well a flat foot can have positive impacts and create a straight knee effect. It gets quite important and you can notice other people’s walk and check as to what number of people rolls their ankle or knee inward during walks. The activity can be noticed with ease among those who wear shorts as well as flip flops. The issue is quite common and studies reveal that around 80% of people indulge in over pronating till they reach the age of 30 or so. The pattern is prevalent among kids as well and most of us are born with hereditary flat feet.

There are various tissues associated to knee that can result in knee pain. When it comes to over- pronation, the inside compartment or the medial within the knee gets overloaded and opens up excessively and results in jamming or over compress of the outer compartment. This proves quite harmful and we become prone to pain in the over pronated area of knee side that is knocked.

The front part of the knee that conations the knee cap slides in a motion and the knocked knee cap get overloaded outside of the knee cap. This creates a condition that is called chondromalacia pallet or patellofemoral pressure syndrome.

What to Do

At this time when you visit your doctor for chiropractic evaluation, your doctor will look at your way of walking and will also look for over pronation in respect to supination. At this time with the help of your Doctor you can correct your pronation effect and get rid of the compartment before you face the problem of arthritis. You can do this by simply placing a medial or a heel wedge in your orthotic foot.

The next and important thing that you can take help of is exercise; its helps the muscles around the knee stay strong and stretched. You can take help of doctors to learn exercises that works better with particular muscles like VMO that help connect upper knee cap to the inside of the leg.

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