You may not think that the hip and knee are close to each other, but anatomically they are extremely close. There exists some muscles that connect below the knee and above the hip. With that being said, sometimes while doing an activity or sitting in a position, the same muscle moves the hip or knee. While this can be a good thing, many patients come into your 98516 Chiropractor with this complaint, because everyone with knee pain moves differently which can ultimately affect the hip joint. Your 98516 Chiropractor is going to tell you which one is the true pain cause.

A study was done to crack this case. Patients with patellofemoral pain without hip pain were asked to perform hip or knee exercises. The knee exercises consisted of quadriceps or knee strengthening exercises, and the hip exercises were strengthening. More specifically, they allowed for hip abdication and hip external rotation muscle strengthening. The two groups participated in the study three times a week for eight weeks total.

While all patients say that their pain improved, the group with the hip exercises came back with better improvements compared to the knee group. These results even lasted for the next six months.

You may wonder why hip exercises help patients with PFP knee pain more than knee exercises. 98516 Chiropractor says that x rays have shown that PFP knee pain patients usually have an outward displacement of the knee cap and a lateral tilt caused by hip internal rotation, opposed to patella motion caused by muscle imbalances.

Some recent biomechanics studies have shown that people with PFP have an exceeding amount of internal rotation and addiction of the hip that normal painless people do not have. Abductors, extensors, and external rotator muscles in PFP patients also seem to be weaker than that of the average person.

Here at your 98516 Chiropractor, we focus on body care as a whole, including hip, knee, ankle, and foot problems. Many do not know that posture, abnormal movement patterns, leg length discrepancy, pelvic rotation, and lower lumbar spine dysfunction may be the root problem of your pain. We provide the treatment for all of the above, to relieve any and all pain that you’re having.

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