A fairly common complaint, particularly with teens and young adults is a condition known as Patellofemoral pain. This can give such issues as foot and knee pain when walking, running or exercising. The condition typically arises through a great degree of rubbing of the back of knee cap and the groove it sits in. It normally comes on through overuse or misalignment. If not treated appropriately, it can potentially lead to arthritis or other problems.

In the past studies have identified that the foot can also cause problems in the knee (as well as other parts of the body), so it’s important for any traumas in the feet or knees be identified appropriately.

A 2018 study for instance looked at patients with patellofemoral pain and the effects of exercises relating to the knees compared to exercises involving knees and feet. Inserts into the shoes were also added in order to correct any potential inward rolling of the foot.

The study group were asked to perform a series of exercises such as terminal extension quad exercises with a complete extension of the knee. The exercise was done sitting down or laying on the back  and the muscles were fully flexed for 5 seconds repeating it for up to 20 times if possible.

As expected, the results showed a better rate of performance with the group that  had received foot care. This shows that the theory that foot exercises combined with knee exercises generate a better outcome for patient. The group was followed for a further 4 months and results continued to support the same conclusion.

So if you have foot and knee pain when walking, the issue could likely be a combination of the two issues, which is why when we examine you for this kind of thing, we treat more than just the apparent problem area. It’s very important to address the root cause of any problem and this is no different.

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