Back and Neck Pain

Back & Neck Pain Relief As Fast As Possible?
Doctors Approach To Back & Neck Pain Gets Rave Reviews


Lacey/Olympia WA – It’s amazing! The word spread so fast the phone was ringing off the hook. Back and neck pain sufferers came out of the woodwork.

It’s incredible how word of mouth travels like wildfire when a doctor actually gives patients what they want…the way they want it…at a price they can afford.

That’s exactly what Dr. David Warwick does. Dr. Warwick is a Chiropractor who practices in Lacey and has a very refreshing philosophy. With that in mind, he tries to get back & neck pain patients out of pain…as fast as possible…with the least amount of treatment for the least amount of expense.

And it is Working…

Dr. Warwick does not believe in long term chiropractic treatment unless absolutely necessary that can cost thousands of dollars. Every patient is accepted in a visit to visit basis without any commitment or obligation what-so-ever.

“The biggest advantage for patients is that they can receive chiropractic treatment care on a visit by visit basis and only continue if they like it and it is working for them”….says Dr. Warwick

With all the problems and uncertainty with healthcare today, this approach has created quite a buzz in Lacey. Back and neck pain sufferers now a have a Doctor of Chiropractic that they can work with and they can afford. But most of all – offers short-term care without any long term commitment.

Here’s what Dr. Warwick has to say…”To the best of my ability, I agree to provide my patients convenient, affordable, and mainstream Chiropractic care. I will not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.”

If you suffer with neck and/or back pain and would like a consultation, call 360-951-4504 or walk in; no appointment needed. It’s no charge and no further obligation to receive care.  Contact Dr. David Warwick today!

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