Best Treatment For Neck Pain?

Best Treatment For Neck Pain?

Research is helping doctors understand and treat neck pain – what you should know

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Lacey / Olympia WA – Neck pain is horrible. It can be impossible to find a position that does not hurt. Nothing is more frustrating than sleepless night after sleepless night turning you into an exhausted zombie.

But the most frustrating part is not knowing how to get relief.

Because about 70% of people suffer with neck pain at some point in their life – there is no shortage of, “wonder cures” on the market. Sadly, most of these products are better at getting money from you than they are at eliminating neck pain.

So here’s a questions for you: Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the best treatment for neck pain is? And even better – wouldn’t it be a huge relief to know… for sure… you were doing the right thing to relieve your pain as fast as possible?

All that sounds wonderful – but here is some honest truth you should understand…

All cases of neck pain are individual. Therefore, there is no “one best treatment” for everyone. Honest and ethical doctors understand this and would never make such a claim.

But recent research has compared several treatments and one came out on top. If you suffer with neck pain… you will want to know this…

What’s Better For Neck Pain…Medical Care, Physical Therapy Or Chiropractic?

A recent study on neck pain patients compared the effectiveness of manual therapy performed by a chiropractor, physical therapy performed by a physical therapist (PT), and medical care performed by medical physician (MD). The success rate determined at the seventh week was TWO TIMES BETTER for the manual therapy/chiropractic group (68.3%) compared to the medical care group.

Those receiving manual therapy also had fewer absences from work compared to both the medical and PT treated groups.

Lastly, both the manual therapy and PT groups used less pain relief medication compared to the medically treated group.

What’s The Best Chiropractic Approach For Neck Pain?

Another study looked at the multiple approaches that chiropractors use for treating patients with neck pain to determine the “best” approach a chiropractor can use.

They reported 94% had improvement or less neck pain after just one treatment when the mid-back (thoracic spine) was also adjusted.

Similarly, after receiving two treatments over a one week time frame, the group receiving mid-back adjustments (vs. the group who did not) reported lower pain and disability scores.

A similar study concluded that the best results occurred when the neck, upper back/lower neck, and mid-back were adjusted. This group, when compared to neck adjustments alone, reported greater reductions in disability scores. Thus, having the cervical spine, upper back, and mid-back all adjusted appears to yield quicker, more satisfying results than neck adjustments alone.

Choosing A Chiropractor That Is Right For You

Just like all cases of neck pain are different – so are Chiropractors. And it is important to find one that is a good match for you.

One important thing to consider is if the doctor offers short term treatments that are affordable.

In other words, does the doctor treat you the least amount of times possible to get you out of pain – or do they sell long term plans that require a big commitment and a thousands of dollars.

Dr. David Warwick is a chiropractor in Lacey / Olympia WA who has seen his practice grow because he helps neck pain sufferers get out of pain with the least amount of treatments possible and without any long term commitment.

Patients love that he accepts them one visit at a time which give them the opportunity to see if they like the treatments and if they are working for them.

That’s why Dr. Warwick offers a limited number of free consultations each month for neck pain sufferers.

These free consultations are a perfect opportunity to meet Dr. Warwick, get all your questions answered… and find out if he can help you.

Dr. Warwick is also a ChiroTrust member. (For more info., go to

What To Do Now

If you would like a free consultation, just call 360-951-4504 or go on-line at and request more information. Patients says the biggest benefit of the consultation is finally knowing the best treatment option for their neck pain and knowing how they can finally possible reduce or eliminate their pain.

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