Boomers Neck Pain Relief

How Many Lacey / Olympia Baby Boomers Get Neck Pain Relief…

Are Lacey / Olympia Residents In Their 50s and 60s Are Getting More Pain Relief Than Earlier Generations?


Lacey / Olympia – If you are in your 50s or 60s – you know this is true. Baby Boomers are different. Earlier generations accepted limitations and “settled.” You always expected and got more. That’s why when Baby Boomers hit their 50s or 60s and started getting more aches and pains – they searched for a solution that would allow them to get out of pain and continue their active lifestyles.

Most importantly – they searched with an open mind this opened the door to many “alternative” treatments that were unjustly frowned upon not too long ago.

Here’s something extremely important: Baby Boomers also questioned the way things had always been. They completely understand pain medications did do not always give them the relief they wanted – and can came come will with serious side effects. And everyone knows most know the risks associated with spine surgery. They wanted a treatment with two things – It worked and was natural.

As more and more Baby Boomers started trying natural options – more research was done. And as research started showing proof – open minded doctors started using the best less common treatments with great results. One treatment that many Baby Boomers flock to is, have embraced is “Spinal manipulative therapy” or SMT. That is a big word for a chiropractic adjustment. With an increase in research, SMT has finally been accepted in the medical community and gone mainstream. This means more pain relief for more neck pain sufferers. It’s amazing how Baby Boomers were way ahead of this mainstream trend and have were always open and accepting of Chiropractors and their successful treatments long before it went mainstream.

Choosing A Chiropractor Are all Chiropractors the same? Just like anything – there are always good and bad… with varying degrees in between. That’s why; the best way to find a great Chiropractor is by referral from someone you trust.

But here is one BIG factor you should think about when choosing… Many Chiropractors dictate care to patients – selling long term treatment plans. In other words, they some may want you to commit to months and months of care that can cost thousands of dollars. You must pay out of your own pocket. Others believe in a much more flexible approach. There is no commitment or expensive long term plans. They see patient’s one visit at a time and let patients decide if it is something they want to continue or not. This also makes care very affordable.

This is the approach modern thinking Baby Boomers love and has caused them to flock to like minded doctors offices for neck pain treatment. What’s amazing is hundreds of doctors around the country joined forces in a group called, “ChiroTrust.” In an effort to let patents know exactly what to expect, they have actually taken this pledge and display it in their offices…“To the best of my ability, I agree to provide my patients convenient, affordable, and mainstream Chiropractic care. I will not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.” This pledge is proudly displayed in Dr. David Warwick’s office located at 8730 Tallon Lane NE #104 Lacey 98516.

For more information on Chiro-Trust, go to to find out more about the doctor. If you are suffering with neck pain and would like to see if Dr.Warwick can help you – just give he a call and he will give you a complimentary consultation. Like always – there is no further obligation – it is just a way to meet Dr. Warwick, get all your questions answered and find out if this treatment is right for you. For your free consultation call today at 360-951-4504 or visit the website at and click on the New Patient Offer.

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