hard work back neck shoulder pain

Hard Workers Find Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief
When They Need It Most


Electricians, Painters, Plumbers, Roofers, Carpenters, Iron, Mason Concrete and Construction Workers All Love This Local Chiropractor’s Approach

No Long Term Commitment, Pay-Per-Visit and

No Appointments Necessary!

Working is hard. Early mornings, long days, hard work, sacrifice, and a lot of aches and pains. Not only that, it is also very difficult to find a doctor who can see you when it fits into YOUR schedule – but is also affordable and won’t try to tell you that you need to come in three times a week for the rest of your life.

That’s why hard workers of all kinds love Dr. Warwick’s modern approach to treating back, neck and shoulder pain.

Dr. Warwick knows how demanding your life is – and lets YOU make your own schedule.

You don’t even need appointments. All you have to do is show up when the office is open – and you will be seen.

So, whenever you get a free moment – you can get the pain relief care you need.

Even better Dr.Warwick let’s you pay per visit, with no obligation for further or long term care.

If you want to only come for one visit, you are more than welcome to do just that.

Dr. Warwick believes in giving workers what THEY want. That’s why he has so many patients referring their hard working family members and friends.

And Dr. Warwick wants to get the word out to you, mainly because you work so hard and he has already been able to help so many.

Dr. Warwick knows what it’s like to have to show up tomorrow – no matter how you feel. If you miss work – you don’t get paid.

And in today’s economy, no one can afford to miss day at work and not get paid.

So, if you have back, neck or shoulder pain and would like to get relief – on YOUR terms – just give Dr. Warwick a call.

His number is 360-951-4504 Just tell whoever answers the phone you would like to make an appointment for back pain relief – or whatever ache or pain relief you are looking for.

His office is located at 8730 Tallon Lane NE #104 in Lacey – near Marvin & Martin inside New Leaf Hyperbarics.

Don’t suffer in pain when you don’t have to.

Dr. David Warwick Ÿ 8730 Tallon Lane NE #104 Lacey Ÿ
(360) 951-4504

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