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Dr. David Warwick is your preferred Locum Tenens Chiropractor in Washington state. He is honored to serve Chiropractors and their patients by providing vacation relief services with the same confidence and trust as if it were his own practice. Being an owner and operator of his own practice helps him to understand what it means to have another doctor taking care of your practice and patients while you are away.  Dr. Warwick will treat your patients with compassion and kindness, providing excellent adjustments tailored to what technique you and they prefer, and he will treat your business like a business. With this kind of understanding and experience, you can relax and know your practice will be in GREAT hands.   Dr. Warwick has many Doctors very satisfied with his vacation relief services.

Relax! Enjoy your vacation. It’s time to take care of you!

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Keep your practice numbers steady while you are gone. Continue your practice flow. Continue revenue coming in. You can trust that your practice will run smoothly while you are away.

Dr. David Warwick is personable, qualified, professional, caring, and trusting……just the kind of doctor you want covering your practice. He will assure that patients are satisfied with their care and continue their treatment as recommended by you.

Whether you are looking for extended coverage due to an untimely illness or injury, a long vacation out of the country, or just a weekend off – coverage is a phone call or text away.  And even if you have a last minute call for an emergency, it may be possible to accommodate your coverage needs.

4x5_25About Dr. David Warwick

Dr. David Warwick is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, specializing in a wide range of techniques, including: Palmer Diversified, Thompson-Drop Table, Gonstead, Advanced Activator, Impulse, Torque Release, Pro-Adjuster, ART and other various techniques. He brings extensive work experience from private and group practices to being involved with chiropractic in a military hospital to Locum Tenens office coverage.  Dr. Warwick brings gentle and caring finesse to his adjusting style, and his easy and personable table side manner allows patients to feel confident and trusting with him as their temporary doctor. Patients report being very satisfied with treatment and stay with their treatment plan while you are away!

Dr. Warwick has extensive experience with all types of patients: expectant mothers, babies from 20 minutes old, children of all ages, athletes, weekend warriors, professionals, industrial workers, you name it….even all the way up to 94 years old! People find his approach gentle but effective, and it will  closely mirror your style and methods for your patient’s needs.

If your practice requires a quicker pace for volume or a slower approach, Dr. Warwick can meet those needs. He is experienced and comfortable with all varieties of practice volumes.

Being a business owner himself, he treats this like his business; with the same quality and care that the doctor and patients deserve!

You can contact him by phone, email, text or fill out the on-line form and have a consultation with Dr. Warwick to make sure you will “Leave your practice in GREAT hands!”


Dr. David Warwick has done locum work at both mine and my brothers clinics for many years. He is always our first choice when it comes to having to use a vacation relief doctor as we know we are leaving our clinic in good hands, literally and figuratively.

Dr. David is a hard working, intelligent and caring individual. He has always undertaken his duties at our offices in a highly ethical, efficient and competent manner and executes those duties pleasantly and courteously. He demonstrates impeccable professional standards and conduct of high moral character. He demands excellence from his own performance. He is reliable, well organized and very dedicated.

Dr. David’s ability to interact with patients and other team members is exemplary. He is able to quickly establish a cordial working relationship with the other team members. He is held in high esteem by all.

There is no question he will make an outstanding contribution to your clinic. – Dr. Yael Kantor D.C.

Dr. David Warwick served as a Locum in my clinic on several occasions last year and did an outstanding job!

He was liked by my patients and worked great with my staff! The patients were always glad to know Dr. Warwick was covering when I was out of the clinic and that for me was a great relief. My practice didn’t suffer nor did the staff morale in my absence. I can recommend Dr. Warwick’s services without reservation! – Fredrick L. Swendsen D.C.

I asked Dr. Warwick to fill in at my office while I was out on vacation. He treated the patients with kindness and respect and did a great job while adjusting them. My staff was very pleased with him as well. I will be asking Dr. Warwick back into my office when needed. I will recommend him to other Dr.’s. – Dr. Paul Byers

I am writing to recommend Dr. David Warwick D.C. as a fill in doctor. I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Warwick cover for me several times, and he does a fantastic job. He worked closely with my staff and was well liked by my patients.

Dr Warwick is an accomplished chiropractor in his own right, and his knowledge and experience of different chiropractic techniques allowed for him to seamlessly fit in with the diverse patient needs of my office. My staff has always spoken highly of his rapport with the patients and his ability to defer any particular treatment questions he is not certain of back to myself as the primary doctor when necessary. The staff found him very friendly and professional. I have not received any complaints from any patients over the many years I have had Dr. Warwickwork for me.

If you have an opportunity to have Dr. Warwick provide Locum Tenens services for you, it will certainly be a benefit to your office, as well as allow you to rest assured in the fact that your practice is in good hands while you are away. – Dr. Doron Kantor D.C.

Dr Warwick has been one of the best Locum Tenens docs I have had for some time. When I returned I only had high praise from the patients. They all said that he listened to them about what techniques they prefer, and he followed the past treatment notes well. I will definitely make Dr Warwick my Locum Tenens doc from now on! – Dr. Michael Kinnear D.C.

This is the first time in years since we have used a holiday relief doctor and it was GREAT! Dr. Warwick walked in and got the game plan from our staff and adapted seamlessly.  He is very flexible and will treat you patients how you need and with great care. We look forward to the next time we get to use his help, which means a stress-free vacation. – Dr. Greg Messer D.C.

In November and December 2014 I had to be out of the office for spine surgery and Dr. Warwick covered my practice. His rapport with my staff and patients was great! Dr. Warwick stayed on time with the schedule and mantained the patient load.  Thank you Dr.! – Dr. John Swetz

I have been utilizing Dr. Warwicks Locum Tenans services for quite some time now.  I can rest assured that my patients will be treated not only with excellent bed side manners, but with outstanding chiropractic technique as well.  His rapport with the other providers in the office, and the front office staff is outstanding.  I feel comfortable leaving the care of my patients in his hands.  I highly recommend Dr. Warwick. – Dr. Gurmit Gill D.C.

The staff loved you and the patients did too! What more can a guy say? Great job and I thank you for taking great care of our patients while I was away. – Dr. Darrin Mulcahey D.C.

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