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Why Is Warwick Chiropractic So Busy?

We Give Patients What THEY Want!

4x5_25Imagine this. You go into a restaurant… a rather expensive one. You sit down and when the waiter or waitress comes over to you – THEY TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO EAT AND PAY FOR!

Even worse, they tell you that you can only eat today if you commit to eating there several times a week for the next few months.

What would you do if your food server told you that? You’d probably get up and walk out…Right?

You would go to a restaurant where you can order whatever you want, have it prepared just the way you like it, and you could come back whenever you want… or never again.

What does all this restaurant talk have to do with you and why our practice is so busy?

      Quite a bit. You see – there are two basic types of doctors. The first type dictates your care. They examine you and tell you exactly what your care plan is going to be.

      This is not a bad thing. They are trained professionals and should be giving you what they believe is the best possible treatment plan.

      But, that does not mean they are always right… or that treatment plan is the best for YOU.

That’s Why In This Office,

We Try Hard To Be Different

warwick_awardWe examine patients and tell them exactly what is going on. But, we also listen to our patients and take into consideration YOUR input.

The most important thing is WHAT YOU WANT, not necessarily what we think is best.

That’s why we customize our recommendations and work with YOU to give YOU exactly what YOU want.

In other words… we treat you as if you were a member of our family. We always ask ourselves…

If This Patient Was My Relative What Would I Do?

      That means – we do not try to make you commit to long term treatment plans.

      Who wants to commit to something they don’t know they are going to like?

      For that reason, you can try a few visits and see if it really is for you. If it is… and you are getting the results you want, then you can keep going until the desired results are achieved… and you can stop whenever you want.

Our goal is to give you what you came in for – as fast as possible. Everyone reacts to care a little differently – so you may get out of pain really fast and not need any more care.

      Most patients want what we call, “Relief Care.” They come in with some kind of ache or pain and we get them out of pain. It’s pretty simple.

And here’s something really important: we do not get upset or lecture you if you have not been in to see us in a while.

      We completely understand that you have a life and you may not need care. In fact – WE THINK THAT IS GOOD!

      …and yes, we also love it when patients drop back in – it’s a sign they love what we do.

      And, I literally mean “drop in.” Patients love that we do not have appointments so they can come when they want and fit us into your busy schedule.

Once again, we are here for you, not the other way around.

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