Lacey Chiropractor and the Possible Need for Whiplash Cervical Collar

If paramedics detect a neck injury after a car accident, they will usually use a cervical collar to immobilize the neck for transport to the emergency room. There, a more in-depth exam will take place. A cervical collar is necessary in the situation‘s to achieve the best outcome, but there is a different type of collar which can also be given to a patient with whiplash following a motor vehicle collision. This is called the soft cervical collar. So is a whiplash cervical collar beneficial for healing? Dr Warwick looks at a couple of studies to find out.

Whiplash Cervical Collar Studies

This device allows for minimal movement, but still supports the head and neck. It relieves the cervical tissues from stress while healing. Study done in 2021 included a little over 2000 patients who went to the emergency room within 48 hours of a car crash. The study found that 85% we’re given a soft cervical collar. The study also found that patients who received this collar were four times more likely to return to the emergency room within three months. This research suggests that the soft cervical collar could be a risk factor for a return visit to the emergency room.

Another study was done where researchers looked at a different method for treating whiplash patients during their first visit to the emergency room. Using a group of over 5000 whiplash patients, the team noticed that using spinal manipulation therapy led to a reduction in soft cervical collar use, as well as fewer x-rays and orthopedic referrals. This approach was also more affected for detecting grade for whiplash cases.

Whiplash Cervical Collars – Conclusion

These studies findings suggest that immobilization with a soft cervical collar after an emergency room visit could hinder recovery. Early active treatment may hasten in recovery. Patients should be encouraged to carry out normal activities (as long as there is no sharp pain), and seek out manual therapies from a chiropractor to aid in healing. Exercise and following an anti-inflammatory diet may also aid in a speedy recovery. 

So there it is folks. In a nutshell it’s best to seek chiropractic treatment and exercise and stretch the neck accordingly for your accident. At Warwick Chiropractic here in Lacey, we have been helping auto accident patients for many years out of pain and on the road to recovery again.

Be seen immediately. We are walk in friendly. Washington is also a PIP state so will be able to help you and provide any necessary documentation for your attorney if you have one if you are claiming.

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