We see many interesting individuals in our office all the time. We’ve had opera singers, people from overseas and many Vets as well. A Vet who is very close to my own heart, he’s been a good friend for close to a dozen years now, our girls grew up together, is none other than Steven Elliott who lives in our area.

You may have heard of Steven, he was the army Ranger who may well have been the one to have pulled the trigger on that fateful day that saw ex-NFL player Pat Tillman sadly lose his life. As you can imagine, anyone who is caught up in friendly fire incident like this would have a great deal of regret, guilt and sorrow at the incident. It is a fact of life in war. It’s certainly not the first time it’s happened and certainly will not be the last either, but at the end of the day, it would be an awful thing to go through. None of us could imagine.

Steven’s journey after that incident is a dark one as you can imagine. The good news he has come through it despite nearly losing his life, his family and his mind. The demons he has battled since that fateful day were immense, and he has just released his story in book form on Amazon to share with the world what he and countless other Vets in various ways, suffer after war.

All of the normal author proceeds will be going to his trust, The Elliott Trust where the money is then donated to three organizations, Justice for Vets, Operation Military Family and The Institute of War Stress Recovery. Donations may also be made through his website The Elliott Fund. This is a story he would like shared far and wide to help the world understand and to help the three organizations close to his heart.

The story’s underlying theme is “Sometimes the real fight starts after the battle” and shows that many times, the real fight continues for many years after combat, and in some cases is never resolved.

The agencies that help Vets are of paramount importance. To help these men and women who have taken a stand for us, who have risked their lives for us and who have put everything on the line, for us, it is essential that they continue to get our respect and help back to help them benefit from what they have fought for. Regardless of whether you may agree or disagree with any one war, at the end of the day, these guys are there fighting for us and our freedoms.

Watch the video below, get some insight into what it was like for Steven and what his goals for the future are and through his book, War Story.

We at Warwick Chiropractic also help our Vets and we treat many veterans. MANY veterans do NOT know they can get their chiropractic care 100% covered with a referral to a Community Care Specialist through the Veteran’s Choice program. We at Warwick Chiropractic participate in this program and accepts referrals from the VA. If you are a Vet, do not hesitate in contacting us to help you make your life a little better and healthier.

Also, buy Steven’s book, War Story now available from Amazon and help support his trust. It’s a very interesting read and very informative to understand what those who risked all go through, even after their return to “normality.”

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