Dr. David Warwick, DC is now offering telehealth options for chiropractic patients!

To request a Telehealth appointment please contact our office 360-951-4504. We would be delighted to accommodate you.

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state mandated that your insurance pay for telemedicine visits. Read the information about the new mandate here. In this time of change, rest assured that Warwick Chiropractic & Massage is doing everything necessary to adapt to the current normal, including offering telemedicine for those who are sheltering in place.

By providing telehealth visits for patients, Dr. Warwick will be able to help patients relieve pain, improve their health, and improve their mobility.

Sitting is the new smoking …. Worry subtracts years from your life …. Please do not only sit around and worry during this time! While there is stress and change all around us, we can proactively do things so our bodies may improve during this time instead of fall apart. We are in this together and it is affecting EVERYONE.

But how can a Doctor of Chiropractic help me without their hands?

We get it. We know what you are thinking! Yes, the chiropractic adjustment that Dr. Warwick provides is a key component to his treatment. But it is only one part of what he does. Through telemedicine, he can listen to your pain concerns and complaints, and assess and diagnose based on your symptoms. He can observe and visually inspect over the telemedicine online video what your range of motion and movement are, and as always, Dr. Warwick can provide the right stretches and exercises tailored specifically to your individual situation. The stretching and exercise report email will be delivered to your inbox promptly after your telemedicine visit!

Telemedicine is connection as well.

Many of us are very isolated right now. Connecting with a trusted healthcare provider can only help your emotional wellbeing. Dr. Warwick can tailor health recommendations directly to you, as well as be a trusting & friendly face during this uncertain time.

Telehealth is easy!

Dr. Warwick and his family use it frequently for a doctor they regularly see who has her office in Portland, OR. It is very easy! We will send you a link to your email, and you click on the link and see Dr. Warwick on the video. is the HIPAA compliant technology platform that we are using. It has a two-way video and audio platform, so you need a phone, tablet, or computer with a camera and microphone capability, and of course an internet connection. provides a video on how it works, and you can also test your computer before your appointment, just to make sure it’s all working! Dr. Warwick has one computer at home that this works on perfectly, but one that it doesn’t. It pays to check it out ahead of time before your appointment.

Am I the first patient to try this?

Oh no! We have been beta testing this service for two weeks now, and patients are so thankful about what Dr. Warwick and they can discuss over a video chat. We have heard many patients being able to follow Dr. Warwick’s instructions and then get some pain relief. And the exercises he emails after the video chat are helpful as well!

But how much does it cost?

Usually, your telemedicine visit has the same copay or coinsurance that your regular visit does. We also accept our affordable self pay rates for telemedicine visits. Know that Dr. Warwick and our team are here for you during this time of change. We all are committed to continuing to help our patients in whatever ways we can during this time. If you are comfortable coming to the office for your treatment, please do. We are following all CDC guidelines and still providing in person care. And if you are not venturing out right now or do not feel safe, we have this telehealth option for you. Call Brandy at 360-951-4504 or email to get your telehealth appointment set up today! Here for You In Health, Dr. David Warwick

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