You know, social media is a very powerful tool. While it does have many critics and there are many problems that social media highlights, there is of course many benefits. Like any tool, there are pros and cons. We try to use the social media platforms we use to benefit society. We are very successful at what we do and we love helping people get out of pain.

This is why you see us on social media so much and while it may seem like we’re always on, there’s a very good reason. That’s to help the people who need us to find us and get out of pain. It’s that simple.

And here is a very good example. Last August we had a patient in who lives all the way over in South Carolina. He was in a lot of pain and needed help. He was in our area and actually found us on YouTube. We do a lot of videos and send them to our YouTube channel. So he watched a few videos and came in for treatment. He was also kind enough to let us video one of his adjustments with us. You can see it here:

Well, 7 months on, he and his wife just sent us this email:

Not sure if you remember us or not but my husband Ben came into your office several times. The month of August because of a really bad pinched nerve in his back.  We are from Greenville, SC and we had traveled for almost a year and a half.  You even used Ben in one of your YouTube Videos. 

You said to let you know how Ben was doing and and I just received one of you email updates In my inbox and thought to just write you a quick not to let you know how he is doing.  We were Able to drive across the country safely and home. Ben was able to get under the care of his chiropractor.

After many weeks of work he was able to get completely off his pain medicine.  The pain has lessened So much over time and with continuing chiropractic care.  Thank you so much for your help while We were there we really did appreciate it.  Just wanted to let you know how well Ben was doing now. 


Jodee & Ben Moffett 

Firstly, we are so happy that Ben is feeling better and we are delighted to have been part of the process in helping that. Again, that’s what we do. Secondly, it is always fantastic to hear the results of treatments and we’ve had several patients come back in especially to say how much better they are feeling.

If anyone else has had great response to their treatments, we would love to hear from you too. Often we see patients and get them better and not see them anymore. That in itself is great because it means they are feeling better. But to actually see and hear how well patients are doing helps to generate more momentum for us and pushes us to help more and more people.

So Ben, glad you are feeling great now and if you’re ever over this side of the country, come in and see us again.

And for everybody else, don’t forget, we are walk in friendly, we’re here Monday to Thursdays 9am to 6pm. Come in and see us if you are in pain, and we can help you like we did Ben and countless others.

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