The 21st century is full of televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets and more! The use of these devices unfortunately causes many people to acquire a slumped posture. This creates intense strain on the neck, shoulders, and back, which raises the risk for headaches and overall pain. It is, fortunately possible to improve your posture! The best reviewed chiropractor in Lacey is going to be giving you neck specific exercises and chiropractic care tips that you can use to improve your posture. This is particularly useful for people at work, slumped over computers or spending many hours on their cell phone.

Let’s start with some research. In 2018, a study was done where patients with forward head posture performed scapular stabilization or neck stabilization exercises for 30 minutes three times per week for four weeks. Participants in both of these groups had improvements in their overall posture!

Some other research has shown these same results! In a separate study, high schoolers with forward head posture performed scapular and neck stabilization exercises and actually kept up good posture for about four months later.

A very recent study in 2019 looked at how a six week period of performing manual therapies and stabilizing exercises on 60 women with neck pain/ forward head posture worked. Those in the combination group and just the stabilization exercise group reported improvements in head posture, pain reduction, and improved function. The results were best in the combination group. The authors of the study and the best reviewed chiropractor in Lacey gathered that manual therapy, such as chiropractic care is greatly beneficial to improving neck pain and overall forward head posture.

Doctors of chiropractic, such as the best reviewed chiropractor in Lacey actually blend exercise training into their treatment recommendation with or without postural issues. Check out our services for more information. We can certainly help with your pain. We also have many exercises we can help you with and have published a few on this site. You can do them at home or at work. Give them a try.

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