Our Lacey Olympia Chiropractic has some great information about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and how chiropractic care could be beneficial to it. The diagnosis is controversial because there is no clear test to determine if the patient has the condition. ADHD is part of more of a group of neurological disorders and include other learning disabilities like OCD, Tourette’s syndrome, and early onset mania or bipolar disorder.

It becomes even more complicated because some children will be at the high end of the “normal” range of activity or have a different temperament. Poor attention could be cause by altered vision / hearing, seizures, head trauma, acute or chronic illness, poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, anxiety disorders, depression, and or abuse or neglect. Some drugs like phenobarbital can play a part in interfering with attention as well.

In good news, since the 1990s the number of prescriptions to treat ADHD went up by 700 percent, probably due to increased awareness of the symptoms of it, and an increase in the diagnosis. The doctor usually prescribed Ritalin to treat ADHD, but Lacey Olympia Chiropractor wants you to know about other forms of treatment.

A recent study was conducted that involved 28 children 5-15 years old with a diagnosis of ADHD. Researchers assigned 14 groups to spinal manipulation and conventional care, and the other group to conventional care only. They found that the patients in the SM group experienced better results after a few assessments, but a larger scale study would need to be done to prove the findings.

Lacey Olympia Chiropractic also suggests that nutrition may play a part in ADHD management. Another study was done in 2015 where researchers gave a probiotic to infants at 6 months of age and followed them for 13 years. When the children turned 13, six of the children in a placebo group were diagnosed with ADHD or Asperger syndrome, while those who took the probiotics were not affected. So the study found that probiotic use in early life may decrease the risk of the development of ADHD, but Lacey Olympia Chiropractic will cover this in a later article.

So if you suffer from ADHD or have a child with it, chiropractic care and spinal manipulations could be beneficial for the condition.

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