Can Your Diet Affect Acne?

During our childhood and teen years is when acne normally effects us, but it can happen at any time in adulthood. Oral medications and topical products are commonly used as treatments, but the questions remains: is there a better and safer way to treat acne? Dr David Warwick of Warwick Chiropractic will show you the answer.

There are many causes of acne, some including hormones, bacteria, and an over production of oil. Although these are known as common causes, they are not fully understood. In more recent times, oxidative stress and inflammation have become more well known, and could even be the cause of the start of acne.

Regarding diet, some claim that it plays an important part in whether or not you get acne. Others disagree. More recent studies have shown that diet is a huge player not only in the cause but the treatment as well. A study put three different subjects on three different diets: one low in sugar and saturated fats, one high in fiber, and one with omega-3 fatty acids from protein filled seafood. Over the course of 12 weeks, conductors found that those who were on the special diet had 22 less acne breakouts than those who continued their normal diet.

In another study, out of 2,200 acne sufferers, 87% found improvement in their skin by changing to the South Beach diet. More specifically, more than 80% of participants’ acne improved within the first three months of the study and 91% of participants stopped or reduced the usage of their acne medication.

Adding on, researchers at Harvard University found that avoiding dairy products with the exception of fermented yogurt, reduces acne. Their research involved over 60,000 participants.

Warwick Chiropractic recommends consulting with your doctor before starting any sort of new diet.

1) No dairy;

2) Omega-3 (1-4g/d);

3) Anti-oxidants such as vitamins A and E (20mg/d), selenium (400mcg/d), and curcumin;

4) Zinc (oral 15mg/d and topical); and

5) Chromium (200-400mcg).

Many chiropractors are also equipped to serve nutritional advice to aid anyone suffering with acne in the right direction.

If you are struggling and can’t find relief, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Warwick Chiropractic, 360-951-4504. We are here to help.

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