Neck pain is becoming more prevalent in society today. The causes of neck pain can be varied from trauma induced, such as an auto accident or sports injury, to more simple causes such as sleeping awkwardly. The number of neck pain instances is on the rise, and this could be attributed to modern technology such as phones and computers which encourage us to move our heads forward and this compounds the problem, making it worse. The question is, which is the best treatment? Chiropractic care vs medication for neck pain are two common treatments. We know medication will relieve pain, but what are the advantages of chiro care though?

Medication certainly has its place in treatment of pain, but it is not a cure. It will alleviate pain for the duration, but it does not attack the actual source of the pain. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to effectively help restore function in a person suffering with neck pain through spinal adjustments and the like. Furthermore, at home exercises such as stretches, using ice and so on also have significant roles to play in actually relieving pain properly.

You can see some exercises we have prepared for neck pain sufferers on our exercise portion of our website. Exercise is a good start to helping to relieve your neck pain but it works even better with chiropractic care where your physician will realign joints and reduce pressure on the afflicted area. This along with the exercises provide the greatest success.

So while medication does help provide you with temporary relief, it does not actually fix the problem. Chiropractic care on the other hand, actually treats the problem directly, providing the best results for permanent pain relief, especially if you follow stretching exercises and the like.

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