Chiropractic Can Save You Money in Lacey

Every year, about one and four women and one and six men have an episode of neck pain. The highest risk is for adults aged 30 to 59. Previous research suggests that indirect costs associated with neck pain, like missing work, usually exceed direct healthcare expenses. When it comes to suggested care courses, it is important for the care to improve function and pain so that the patient can go back to work without having fears of recurring pain.

A 2020 study done in May found that manual therapies for neck pain usually produce better outcomes and are more cost-effective than physical therapy and specialist care. There is not much research that exists which directly compares a multi modal manual therapy face treatment with physician treatment on how to cope with pain and staying active. The researchers found working aged adults with neck pain and divided them among two groups. Group one receives six treatments spread over six weeks. These treatments were spinal manipulation, mobilization, massage, and stretching.

Those in the second group visited a physician 2 times 3 weeks apart and just received instructions on how to cope with the pain and stay active. Over the next year, these same adults completed questionnaires. These questionnaires are used to determine quality of life that is health related (physical functioning, bodily pain, general health, vitality, social functioning, and mental health). The team also asked the adults in each group what other methods of care they used to manage their pain following the end of the study and if they had used sick days during the treatment. Some more research found that participants in the manual therapy group reported better improvements in health related quality of life. It also found that the overall cost per patient, indirect and direct costs was about half lower.

The team also found that patients in the therapy group were two times less likely to require intensive, expensive care. In conclusion, manual therapy achieves better outcomes at lower prices compared with the physician treatment group. Chiropractors use many of these manual therapies to treat patients. This often includes a multi modal approach to help a patient heal their whole body. Exercise advice, nutritional counseling, and physiotherapy modalities may also be used. We treat each patient as an individual depending on their specific pain and diagnosis.

If you have neck or back pain, we can help. If you don’t, we can still help. Regular adjustments help keep your body in great shape and lessen the chances of getting back or neck pain, thereby enabling you to work, thereby saving you money. Our team of chiropractors here in Lacey are here to help you achieve that goal. Offering standard of care (The Warwick Way) no matter who treats you to help with back and neck pain and providing solutions to keep it at bay. Walk in and see us, we work with many insurance plans too. Get out of pain The Warwick Way.

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