Head Tilts and Headaches – How Are They Connected?

Head tilts are common in Lacey Olympia when working, walking or even taking meals. The truth is that every person has tilt his/her head at some point. So the big question is, how does head tilt affect someone neck and how does it leads to headache?


A study was conducted in 2016 to see if there is correlation between head tilts and headaches. The study used two groups of females. The first group comprised of females with posture induced headaches while the second group comprised of healthy age matched females. During the study, the research team measured maximum angle of protraction, head tilt as well as forward head position at baseline while using the laptop. The team carefully measured the participant’s posture at rest vs their posture while working on the laptop.

The team found shocking result. The first group that suffered from headache showed that they had a head protraction of 22.3% compared to the group that was put at rest. The researcher also discovered that there was a significant difference in forward head position ratio during habitual sitting to the maximum head protraction. Laptop work head position recorded the worse results.

The team concluded that the group with headache actually has bad posture during work when compared to control group. The headache group also had more forward head posture when performing laptop task when compared to controlled group. In their recommendation, they actually suggested that patients with headaches or neck pain should incorporate exercises that will enhance their posture in their daily routine so that they can achieve a long term success.

This scientific study has demonstrated the importance of including exercises such as conscious head repositioning, chin retraction, deep neck flexor muscles strengthening, cervical traction, managing scapular stability among many other in your daily routine.

Former Thinking

Previous studies have shown that human head actually weigh an average of 12 pounds and every single inch of forward head positioning actually burdens the neck and the upper back muscles with an extra 10 pounds in order to keep the head upright. This actually means that when you lean 5 inch forward then, you will burden the head and the upper back area with 50 pounds of weight. That is the main reason why poor posture usually leads to neck pain and headache complaints.

The best solution to this problem is spinal joint manipulation that is usually offered by chiropractors combined with exercises. This method is not only effective but also provides long term remedies for neck pain and headaches. By visiting your Lacey Olympia chiropractor, you can find quality and long term solutions.

The video below shows Dr David Warwick of Warwick Chiropractor, Lacey Olympia, providing an adjustment to someone who has suffered headaches caused by head tilts.

Do you suffer from headaches? Maybe head tilts are the cause for you. Perhaps an adjustment will work for you as with this patient in the video.

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