High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – What Is It?

How high intensity interval training can help you attain your goals quickly. A class of exercise known as HIIT (high intensity interval training) has been defined as a series of 30 to 60 intervals of intensity followed by low intense output. From helping relieve headaches, to alleviating carpal tunnel syndrome or targeting back & neck pain relief, it is highly used by professionals and novices alike. And of course it has been studied greatly to help individuals attain weight loss success. This type of exercise allows the heart rate to jump up quickly and come back down, producing more caloric burn and greater overall success during training.

The significant changes in heart rate during a workout allow a participant’s VO2max levels to reach higher levels than prolonged exercise routines. Fat metabolization and better physical improvement by males and females has been proven in a series of studies performed by top specialists in their field. Fibromyalgia chiropractor Dr. David Warwick is one of the many proponents of this type of workout to assist in back & neck pain relief, or to assist individuals suffering from intense headaches and body pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Studies of high intensity interval training proved that body fat levels were reduced during workouts. In only 9 total minutes of training participants lost far more than those who exercised in excess of 30 minutes daily. In 2016 an even shorter workout duration was studied, with max results being attained by participants.

24 men (average age of 38) and 17 women (age 41) were included in the study. Blood levels were drawn 12 weeks apart during the study period which consisted of a 2 minute warm up, and 4 bouts of 20 second high interval training. A 2 minute recovery bout was also included during the high intensity training. Average 1% body fat levels were attained by participants, higher oxidation and higher VO2max levels were also recorded. Remember only a total of 240 seconds were performed per week by participants.

Dr. David Warwick and other specialists want people to understand that if they do not have time, or simply do not want to be in the gym for 30 to 60 minutes per day, they don’t have to be! Similar, or greater results can be attained with high intensity interval training instead.

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