How Chiropractic Helps Neck Pain

More than half of the population of Lacey, WA (and the rest of the world) are likely to experience neck pain at some point in their lives. So, how chiropractic care can help treat neck pain in Lacey is vital to know. In fact, neck pain in Lacey is second only to back pain for missed days off at work. So, how does it form and how can chiropractic help treat neck pain in Lacey, WA? Let’s take a look.

Causes of Neck Pain for Sufferers in Lacey

There are of course many causes of neck pain that I have seen based on my experience treating neck pain in Lacey. Two of the most common reasons for it are cervical disc lesions where the disc protrudes and infringes on nerves. The other most common form is through cervical degeneration where the discs themselves thin due to age and this brings the joints out of alignment.

However, one overlooked reason comes from restricted joint movement. The neck is made up of 7 separate bones, stacked on top of one another with the flexible shock absorbing discs in between each joint also acting as a spacer. Generally, the joints move freely and independently of one another providing a flexible and functional entity but problems arise when these joints misalign or get restricted.

Consider the analogy of the neck being like a spring. In normal function, there is a great deal of flexibility in any direction and things move properly and freely. However, if part of that spring were welded, then while there would still be movement, the part that is welded would not function properly. And that’s what neck dysfunction is like.

Joint restrictions occur due to:

  • Traumas to the neck such as accidents, whiplash etc
  • Slow degeneration due to poor posture, repetitive strains etc

How Pain Forms for Sufferers of Neck Pain in Lacey

As soon as a form of dysfunction occurs through whatever means, a cycle begins. First, poor joint alignment causes inflammation and swelling. This generates pain and more restriction. As more restriction occurs, more inflammation is caused which further increases pain. The range of motion gets more and more limited and this condition may affect the shoulders, arms and hands. Pain, numbness and tingling may also result along with headaches and light headedness.

Left untreated, more long term damage can result and cause other problems like arthritis.

Treatment for Neck Pain in Lacey

The good news is that conservative treatment like chiropractic can help reduce pain, reduce inflammation and restore proper function for neck pain sufferers in Lacey. It does this through such things as:

  • joint manipulation to restore movement to fixated segments
  • therapy modalities for muscle tightness and decrease inflammation
  • myofascial release to massage out trigger points
  • stretching exercises
  • strengthening exercises

At Warwick Chiropractic & Massage, we have helped many sufferers of neck pain in Lacey leave their pain behind. Our Lacey chiropractic clinic utilizes all the above methods and more to help our patients out of pain and back to normal. In severe cases, we may refer out and work with other doctors in a team approach to helping patients. The bottom line is that chiropractic helps treat neck pain sufferers in Lacey and along with other treatments, we can help patients.

Such credible journals such as Spine, Anals of Internal Medicine and the British Medical Journal all support chiropractic as a safe and effective alternative to traditional medical care.

Suffering from neck pain in Lacey, WA?

Do not hesitate in coming in to see us. We are walk in friendly and are here to help treat your neck pain. We also offer massage therapy which used prior to a chiropractic adjustment at our Lacey clinic helps patients greatly too, and we have other treatment options such as cold laser therapy too.

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