What do you think when you hear the term whiplash? You probably think car crashes and you’d be right. But whiplash can occur from other ways too, such as falling awkwardly and in sport too. We see many whiplash injuries at our chiropractic office in Lacey and love to help them all.

Often we are asked what is the difference between a whiplash injury and regular neck pain. After all the effects can be quite similar. While whiplash does have a specific cause, neck pain may not and is dubbed, mechanical neck pain.

So what are the differences?

A study conducted in 2017 looked at 28 patients with whiplash pain and 22 patients with mechanical neck pain. The study looked at things such as area of pain, range of motion and intensity of pain. These were measured at the beginning of treatment and then again after 6 further treatments.

Following the study, the researchers concluded that while the whiplash victims tended to have higher pain levels and more lacking in range of motion, all patients in both groups gained similar improvements and experienced less pain, better range of motion and pain thresholds. The whiplash group, however, had an improved lower pain threshold compared to the patients in the other group.

A further study in the same year showed that treating painful trigger points can help restore these thresholds as well.

Our best chiropractic treatments in Lacey follow a similar path. We not only utilize the latest chiropractic treatments and studies, we also promote specific neck exercises based on the condition, whether regular neck pain or whiplash injury.

So to summarize the question, yes there is a difference between whiplash and mechanical neck pain and we do treat each in different ways to ensure the best outcomes.

The bottom line is we want to help our patients get out of pain and stay out of pain as quickly and effectively as possible. This is exactly why we don’t promote long term treatment plans and we do promote walk ins because we understand pain is here now, and you don’t want to wait.

Call us today if you have any concerns or questions. Or as we normally say, walk in and see us and let us help you right now.

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