Lacey Chiropractic on Dizziness and Neck Pain

The Vestibular Disorders Association states that “cervicogenic dizziness” is a certain classification of dizziness, which results from neck pain. Starting in the 1800s, reports have been published that link head position to equilibrium. I’m 1955, researchers finally discovered “cervical vertigo,” which is a clinical condition that relates neck pain to disequilibrium and dizziness. Today, CD is the correct diagnosis. Our Lacey Chiropractic is going to give you some information on the following.

Multiple neck diagnoses can cause this feeling of dizziness and disequilibrium. These include cervical spondylosis (spurs), cervical trauma (whiplash), and cervical arthritis (osteoarthritis). There is a lack of the perfect test to find out if the neck is causing a person’s dizziness. A MD or chiropractor will rule out other causes such as ear dysfunction or nervous system problems by  inducting a physical examination.

Another cause could be oscillating eye motion (nystagmus). Your chiropractor will look for this as well by doing an exam of the eyes. If this is not the case, the CD diagnosis is made.

After the neck pain, the symptoms of CD will begin. Some describe it as movement sensation that worsens with head movement or moving the head after it’s been in one position for a long time. The dizziness can last for a few minutes up to hours. Imbalance happens with head movement or the movement of surroundings (looking out of a car window). Headaches can come with the dizziness and neck pain, but as neck pain diminishes, so does dizziness.

Whiplash or some other sort of head injury is usually the main cause of CD, and this is where our Lacey Chiropractic comes in. We will provide a treatment that diminishes neck pain and dizziness.

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