We have all had a great day that we would do anything to remember every moment. And we’ve all had a bad day that we just want to vent about, right? Journals can be the solution to both of those times.

Are you unsure if journaling is right for you or if they are just a waste of time? Or maybe our male readers think journaling is only for your female friends? Studies show that journals are for everyone, and that journaling helps with stress, saving memories, and can be downright fun!

Dr. David Warwick, your local Lacey / Olympia WA Chiropractor, shares with you that there are many positive aspects about journaling:

  1. Journaling can help you become a better writer or storyteller (great for our kids to practice!)
  2. Memories that you may have otherwise forgotten will be easily remembered by reading old journals.
  3. When you write about days that weren’t so great, or about anger or sadness, it helps get those emotions and feelings out. This will help make you feel better – even if only for a minute or two!
  4. Journaling helps lower blood pressure, helps you slow down, and helps you manage stress, all things that help you process events with more understanding and clarity.
  5. There are no rules for journaling! You can write about something silly or serious, sad or happy. Write down funny jokes that you don’t want to forget or write yourself a letter to read at a later date. Write anything you want in your journal!

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