About Torticollis Wry Neck

Torticollis wry-neck is condition characterized by a painfully titled or twisted neck. While the symptoms develop gradually, they may worsen over time, bringing in their wake a great amount of discomfort and pain.

Known causes of wry-neck include awkward sleeping positions that put a strain on the muscular structure and blood supply in the neck region. Whiplash and disk injury are other very common causes. The physical manifestation is a head that is slightly titled to either side, a perfectly straight posture but with an inability to move the head in any direction.

Temporary torticollis is quite mild, and may go away after a few years without requiring treatment. The more severe spasmodic torticollis causes the head to twist to one side or tilt forward and backward. These muscular spasms are the body’s defense mechanism to protect the nerves from damaging stretching, compression and irritation caused by inflammation and/or swelling.

Treating Torticollis Wry Neck

Aligning the bones of the spine reduces joint injury and restores mobility. This alignment brings into stabilization, the healing and scar tissue in the localized area. Faster healing can be achieved if the patient is encouraged to move around, well within their pain tolerances. Moving the neck through the joint adjustment keeps the muscles activated, flexible and re-alignment achieved. Studies have shown that wearing foam collars after whiplash leaves patients with weak and contracted muscles that slowly waste away.

Careful and deliberate re-alignment remains the most effective treatment for torticollis. Targeted adjustment will relieve the irritation in the nerve that causes muscle spasms. With both nerve and muscle released, then the patient can experience a wider range of motion.

Ask the Experts

Dr. David Warwick is a seasoned chiropractic specialist that has successfully worked with torticollis patients. The multi-disciplinary team at Warwick Chiropractic is committed to providing quality short term care for your back and neck pain.

The specialists led by Dr. David Warwick combine full spine and body chiropractic adjustment with other effective and beneficial pain relieving therapies to ensure that you find relief for your torticollis wry neck and other neuro-muscular conditions.

Seeing your number 1 chiropractic has never been easier as you do not need an appointment. At Warwick Chiropractor, walk-ins are most welcome and you can walk right in with the confidence that the dedicated team will attend to you. Patients can also enjoy convenient on-line scheduling and have a better look at the services offered and testimonials of the many success stories on

If you are looking to get rid of that kick in the neck in few visits, get in touch with Dr. Warwick’s team on 360-951-4504 for the best short term care for all your back and neck pain.

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