Here at our Lacey chiropractic clinic, we see a lot of patients who come in with hand numbness. This is usual for all people to have from time to time, but it becomes a problem when it begins to impact your daily life. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a very common cause of hand numbness, and while you may think that your hand numbness is just that, is may not be.

When you have CTS, your median nerve is being pinched as it travels through a tunnel that makes up eight small carpal bones that form at the wrist. Two other nerves that are in the neck and travel down to the arm could potentially be the problem. These are called the lunar nerve and the radial nerve.

The lunar nerve can be entrapped near the humorous, which creates a syndrome called cubical tunnel syndrome (CuTS). Here at Lacey Chiropractic, we can tell if your symptoms are coming from the median nerve, ulnar nerve, or both.

Sometimes diagnosis can be difficult, because hand numbness can mean a lot of different things, like diabetic neuropathy or an injury to nerves close to the neck. Sometimes, you can cut off the blood supply in the upper inner arm, which makes the arm and the hand feel numb until the blood circulates back. This is sometimes mistaken for one of these syndromes.

CuTS can happen from continually applying pressure to the pinky side of the elbow. This can be leaning the elbow against a hard surface, bending the elbow for a long amount of time, resting the elbow on the side of the car door, or holding awkward positions, like playing the flute. Many baseball pitchers can develop CuTS from pitching curveballs and sliders.

Similar to CTS, the longer you wait to get treatment, the longer is takes to recover. You could even put yourself at risk for never fully recovering. That is why our Lacey chiropractic clinic is here to help. If you are feeling any sort of numbness or pain in the  arms or hands, come see us at our Lacey chiropractic. Call us 360 951 4504 or schedule a booking here.

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