Lacey Chiropractor Help for Headaches and Neck Dysfunction

Headaches and neck dysfunction, unsurprisingly, are closely related. Two of the most common forms of headaches are the cerviogenic headache and the tension type headache, and both are associated with neck dysfunction. There are three cervical nerve roots that enter the back of the head from the spine which go through a thick group of muscles running along the nuchal ridge on the base of the skull.

This means that anything that tightens up around this area, such as stress, often leads to headaches, primarily the cerviogenic and tension type headaches, but migraine headaches are another condition that arises through this region. Thankfully, all three can be helped and alleviated by spinal manipulation and adjustments in this upper cervical region, although quite why this helps is less understood.

When a patient sees a chiropractor with headache issues, the chiropractor often asks, or gets them to fill out a questionnaire as to the effects of the headaches on their lives, and how they impede their ability to function. This information collated includes the intensity of the pain, frequency and how long they last for. The chiropractor then uses this to track the patient’s progress over the course of treatment. Depending on the results of the care, new decisions and approaches may be necessary to help the patient further if the treatment isn’t having the desired effect over the term.

Thankfully, chiropractors, including Dr David Warwick in Lacey, Olympia, have many types of treatment options in their arsenal to reduce headaches, and the causing neck issues. These techniques and treatments restore proper function to the areas out of alignment and chiropractors can also suggest many self help treatments and exercises to help with pain should the patient have problems and are unable to get treatment right away.

Furthermore, chiropractic care includes a proper evaluation of the muscoskeletal system and your chiropractor may well find other issues in other parts of the body that could also cause the neck issues which cause headaches. Even an extremity such as an ankle pronantion would cause the pelvis to drop which in turn could affect the spine curvature, with the knock on effect of creating problems in the neck. Any chiropractor, such as your Lacey Olympia chiropractor will be able to correct this and thus get the body closer to its proper operating range.

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