Your favorite Lacey Olympia Chiropractor reveals some interesting facts of how having high cholesterol rather than low cholesterol may be beneficial.

A study done in 1994 conducted by Dr. Harlan Krumholz of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University found that elderly men and women with low cholesterol vs high cholesterol died twice as frequently from a heart attack. This finding counteracts the theory that high cholesterol causes atherosclerosis, and since there have many studies conducted that test the link between cholesterol levels and heart disease. Several of 11 studies have proved that high cholesterol did not conclude total mortality in elderly adults.

Our Lacey Olympia Chiropractor also found that 6 of these studies revealed that not only did high cholesterol not link with total mortality, but even LDL (bad cholesterol) too. Other studies done found that low cholesterol levels along with low triglycerides are connected with an increased mortality rate.

Many wonder how high cholesterol will increase a life span. Our Lacey Olympia Chiropractor has the answer for you. Studies done in the past have uncovered that high cholesterol prevents infection by strengthening the immune system. In a separate study done by the University of Minnesota involving 63,000 deaths, low cholesterol anticipated a higher risk of death from respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases.

Researchers wondered if low cholesterol levels were induced plainly by infection or if vulnerability to low cholesterol caused infection. They conducted a 15 year study where they followed over 100,000 healthy individuals. At the end of the study, they gathered that those with high cholesterol had more hospital visits than those with low cholesterol.

In other studies done on men contaminated with HIV, the death rate of individuals with high cholesterol (>240) was four times less than those with low cholesterol (<140). Regarding older women, cholesterol levels between 200-240 seems to be a healthy goal for boosting the life span.

Numerous additional studies have found that the real reason of atherosclerosis may be caused by chronic low grade inflammation, so worrying about cholesterol levels may not be as significant as following a low inflammation lifestyle. Suggestions to follow this lifestyle include getting the proper amount of sleep, exercising daily, avoiding smoking, and other healthy habits.

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