Warwick Chiropractic on Preventing Whiplash Injuries

Did you know that the majority of whiplash related incidents are caused by rear end collisions? It’s suggested from studies that the figure could be as high as 85%, so here at Warwick Chiropractic, we felt it a good idea to delve deeper into this and look at seeing how preventing whiplash injuries in the first place is a great solution to reducing them. So here, we’ll look at several things that can be done to minimize a possible whiplash injury should the worse happen.

Head Rest:

The often ignored headrest is the first thing to look at in minimizing whiplash Injuries. This should be set high enough so that your neck does not roll over it if you are in a collision. It should also be less than 4 inches from the back of your head so that if you do get hit, the movement of your head is stopped sooner, reducing that whiplash effect sequence. In newer cars, an active head restraint system can further help when an accident actually occurs by reducing the distance between your head and the head rest. So go to your car and check out your head rest, see where it lines up in relation to your head, and the distance your head is naturally away from it.

Seat Position:

The position of your seat is not only important for comfort, but for safety too. It shouldn’t be too far forward in the upright position, but it also shouldn’t be so far back either. Studies have shown whiplash injuries have been worse due to a seat too upright and one too far back. So ensure your seat is at a sensible angle in order to minimize risk.

Affects of Body Size:

Essentially, studies on body size concluded that those with smaller neck masses and smaller sized necks were most likely to sustain injury. Moreover, head position out of the ordinary also were deemed to suffer worse injury. The key to avoiding this is to strengthen neck muscles (which is a good idea for general well being anyway) and to ensure that you remain looking forwards during a collision if possible are both good ways to help you through the incident.

Air Bags & Seat Belts:

There have been many deaths and bad injuries as a result of driving over the past 100 years or so. As a result governments and car manufacturers have worked to regulate and improve car safety over the years. The introduction of the seat belt and in latter years, air bags have drastically helped with the reduction of said injuries and deaths. Always ensure the proper operation of both, and if there are any issues or recalls on your car relating to air bags, get it sorted as soon as possible. And of course always wear your seatbelt.

Other Considerations:

Of course, there are many more variables that come into play in any accident. It is impossible to ensure 100% safety, but it is very possible to be mindful and take whatever precautions you can do. Ultimately, you are in control of a piece of machinery which is a fantastic tool, but can also be a formidable foe. So the best thing to do is to stay alert, make sure your eyes are on the road and your surroundings and keep to the speed limits and take note of the road conditions and weather.

If you have been involved in an accident, you should see a professional healthcare doctor as soon as possible, even if your accident was a minor one. Here at Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey, we have been treating and helping auto accident victims for a number of years. The reasons to be checked out are numerous, obviously for your health, but also for insurance purposes. An injury that may seem slight now, may also compound and give you problems in the future.

So if you have recently been in an accident, or one several years ago and are in pain or discomfort, call us on 360 951 4504. You can also visit our accident site full of informative information and videos to get help or our accident page on this site.

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