Shoulder pain is a problem which can arise from many causes. It is a common problem which make many people wonder why they are suffering. The reason why the pain is common is due to the nature of shoulders. Shoulders are made up of several jointed bones. The joints can be exposed to injuries which increase the chances of feeling shoulder pains.


Common causes of shoulder pain arise from bursathe and tendons. Bursathe are fluid filled sacs which play a great role in cushioning and lubricating the bones. They also protect sliding tendons near their respective bone attachments. The rotator cuff in the shoulders is made from a group of four muscles and connecting tissues. When tendons at the shoulder tear, the bursa swells resulting to the occurrence of impingement. When the swelling occurs, it leads to a lot of pain.

Strain refers to injuries in the tendons and muscles which are mild. The pain can be classified as moderate, mild or even severe. Some specialists will refer it to as first, second and third degree tears. Shoulder pain can arise from frozen shoulder, fracture, dislocation, sports injuries which can as well result to neck pain, overuse, over relaxation, pinched nerve, and joint instability among other causes.


The diagnosis of shoulder pain is based on the history of the occurrence, the mechanism of the injury among other factors which shoulder specialists will take into consideration. A qualified professional such as Dr David Warwick will carry out provocative tests which will show the positions which bother the shoulder most. Measuring the motion range can be as well used to detect the range of motion the shoulder can perform due to injury restriction. A doctor can as well use X-rays to assess the dislocation. MRI is very helpful in assessing the muscle and tendon tears.

People who have higher risks of shoulder injuries include those who lift heavy weights, players of sports such as football, smokers, diabetics and those with over reactive thyroid. The shudder joint is not very stable; this is why many people injure their shoulders in their lifetime. From research it has been discovered that people over 60 years of age experience more than 30% of shoulder tears. This indicates the condition is even experienced in old age.


There are several non-surgical treatment options available. Lacey Olympia Chiropractor has several approaches which she can employ to help patients of shoulder pain. The chiropractors and doctors emphasize on exercises, manual manipulation, self-management strategies and mobilization. You should only stay patient and the methods will actually work even if they will take up to a year.


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