Back Cracks, Neck Cracks & Cracking Up

This video is full of cracks. Neck cracks, back cracks, leg cracks, and cracking up in general.

These patients originally saw Dr Warwick’s videos when in Korea, and now they are in the Olympia area, they were able to try chiropractic in Lacey for the first time. And it was amazing.

We often like to have some fun as it makes everything better. It makes the patients even more relaxed and makes us happy too. A comfortable and relaxed environment helps the adjustment go so much better and allows the patient to get the full benefit.

There was certainly a lot of cracking up going on. It can be a surreal experience if you’ve never been cracked before, as our patient here found out. Their toddler was the funniest of all. She was really cracking up đŸ™‚

What is the cracking sound?

As for the cracks, well many people think that it’s the bones popping against one another. In fact it’s not. Between the joints, small gas bubbles naturally form. When the chiropractor makes the adjustments, these bubbles are put under intense pressure due to the action and they pop or crack. It’s this sound you can hear when an adjustment takes place.

Does it hurt?

No, not at all. It’s no different to cracking your knuckles.

Is cracking the only way to be adjusted?

If you still feel uncomfortable with the idea of the cracking sound, then we have other methods where we can get the same results without cracking. We won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. So simple answer is no, we don’t have to crack your joints to adjust you.

If you want to know more or get adjusted yourself, come in and see us. We are walk in friendly. You can also call 360-951-4504 or even schedule an appointment if you need to be seen at a specific time.

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