“How To Tell If You Have A True Friend Before It’s Too Late…”

Friends.   They’re common.  We all seem to have so many.  But, if you asked me… most people use the term w-a-y- too loosely…

That’s why I love this little story so much.  I heard it not too long ago and the person that told me said it was true.  But whether or not this is a true story doesn’t matter.  What matters is the invaluable life lesson.

Here’s the story:  Bruce was a man from humble beginnings.  He was born and raised in a small, Midwestern town.  His father was a plumber… and… that’s how Bruce learned his trade.

Over the years, Bruce built up a pretty good business.  Nothing stellar… but it was enough to pay the bills and support his wife and two kids.  Most of the time it was just enough.

But there was one thing about Bruce.  He had a lot of friends.  If he wanted, he could have had his own TV show…

Everyone Loves Bruce!

Why so many fiends?  Because Bruce was a great guy.  He was always there for everyone.  If you needed something – all you had to do was call Bruce – and he’d give you the shirt off his back.  And he never asked for ANYTHING in return.

One day, Bruce was coming home from work and he stopped at the store to pick up some groceries.  And on his way out, he decided to buy a lottery ticket.  He played his favorite numbers, his anniversary, wife and kids’ birthdays etc.

He never played the lottery, but this was a big one.  $12 million.  So… as they say… all Bruce needed was a dollar and a…


That much Bruce had. But since money was a little tight, Bruce didn’t tell his wife he bought the ticket when he got home.  He just ate dinner and spent some time with his wife and kids.

When his wife went to bed, he stayed up to watch the news and check on his dream…

With everyone in his family fast asleep, Bruce discovered… all by himself… THAT HE HIT THE LOTTERY!!!!!

In the blink of an eye – he was $12 million richer.  And his first reaction was to wake up his wife and kids.  But, as he took his first few steps down the hall… he had a change of heart

He stopped dead in his tracks and pondered the situation for a moment.  And then he did something that was completely out of character for anyone that knew Bruce…

Here’s what he did:  Bruce went back in his living room and pulled out his little black book that contained the numbers of all is friends.  He sat down and made a list…

That list ended up being 20 of his best friends.  All of whom Bruce had helped out in the past.  Most he had lent money to – even when he barely had enough for his own family.

Then Bruce picked up the phone and called each and every one of them.  But not to tell them he had just won the lottery…Instead, Bruce told them all he had just lost his job and he was in trouble.  He needed $1,000 in the next few days or he was going to lose his house and his family was going to be out in the street.

He told them he was embarrassed and ashamed… but… he didn’t know where else to turn.  And he asked them all for the money…After calling his 20 “best” friends – friends he had all helped in the past…

19 Said NO!!!

One showed up on his doorstep 10 minutes later with a $2,000 check.

The next day, all 20 of Bruce’s friends saw him on the news holding a $12 million dollar check.

Bruce only got one phone call that day from all his so-called friends.  It was from the one who showed up to help him the night before.  Rumor has it Bruce cut him a huge check so he would be set for life. You gotta wonder how many calls Bruce would have gotten if he hadn’t found out who his true friend was before appearing one the news?

If you asked me – Bruce is brilliant!

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