Tinnitus affects some 50 million Americans every day. It’s the constant ringing or hissing in the ears that only the sufferer can hear and depending on its severity, it can be debilitating, even leading to depression, anxiety and at the worst, to suicide. There is no known cure for the condition and it also seems to be a symptom of another issue rather than a disease itself. Identifying the cause and treating it remains complex and sufferers are often told to simply get used to it.

Tinnitus can also be as a result of trauma. For example in an auto accident where a collision causes the victim a whiplash type injury. As whiplash occurs, the head is thrown forward and then back very quickly in a whip like motion. This causes micro tears in muscles and fibers around the neck and becomes inflammed and generates pain. Whiplash and tinnitus can go hand in hand.

Concussion is another common injury in an auto accident. Of course, concussion can occur in other instances where the head experiences some kind of trauma or bruising.

Common to both whiplash and concussion is the appearance of tinnitus. While it might not occur in every instance, it is quite common to hear of people develop tinnitus as a result of a collision or concussion. There are several other common symptoms as well such as dizzyness, neck pain, back pain and headaches.

One treatment for both instances is chiropractic care. By adjusting the neck, chiropractic first helps those micro tears in fibers to be able to reset and heal in a uniform fashion rather than healing itself which can create further problems. Moreover, the vagrus nerve which many think is connected with tinnitus can be freed or helped in the adjustment. This alone could help the effects of tinnitus and perhaps even return the victim back to normal.

A study in 2015 looked at several concussion patients and they each received manual chiropractic therapy. All found their condition improved. This provides evidence that chiropractic treatment for both concussion and whiplash does help patients, including the reduction of tinnitus.

If you have been in an accident, if you suffer from tinnitus, then chiropractic treatment may be a good option for you to try. Whiplash and tinnitus treatment is something we can offer.

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