Tinnitus – The Unseen Condition

Tinnitus is that annoying ringing, buzzing or humming many people experience. It is estimated some 1 in 10 Americans suffer to a degree from tinnitus, some more than others. For some, they may only be able to hear it in complete silence, for others, it dominates and they hear it over the shower, tv or even the vacuum. It can be that extreme. While there is no cure for the condition, some have sought chiropractic care to see if it can help manage. One of our patients, after searching for tinnitus chiropractor near me here in Lacey, came in seeking help.

We were thankfully able to do so. You can see the adjustment and treatment we applied to her in this video below.

In this patient’s case, we were thankfully able to reduce her ear ringing. Depending on the cause of the condition, chiropractic treatments can help in reducing, and in some cases, eliminate it altogether. It really depends on the cause.

How a Tinnitus Chiropractor Near Me Can Help

Whiplash and Tinnitus

Whiplash from an auto accident is perhaps one of the most common side effects that patients suffer after an accident. This occurs after trauma to the neck and also the brain which can also lead to brain fog, headaches, neck and back pain and more.

This is perhaps the easiest type of tinnitus to treat and cure, because it has occurred as a result of trauma. With careful chiropractic adjustments, we can help the body heal the right way and reduce muscle tension on the neck muscles which may cause tinnitus. This is something we can absolutely help with and have seen great results in not only helping reduce tinnitus but also repair the neck from the effects of whiplash. You can read in more depth on the relationship between whiplash and tinnitus here.

Cerviogenic Tinnitus

As previously stated, the exact cause of tinnitus is not really known. There is no known cure for the condition, and it is even thought to be a by-product of many other conditions. There are links with the vagus nerve, gut health and poor body chemistry being possible causes of the condition. But it is still not really known and research is ongoing.

One other possible cause is through issues relating to the neck, known as cerviogenic tinnitus. There are many causes of this from poor posture, poor alignment or more. Again, not much is really known and research is ongoing here as well.

However, due to the nature of this neck issue, chiropractic treatment can help significantly in helping reduce the effects of tinnitus. Our patient in the video above suffered with this type of condition, and we can see after several visits, the effects of tinnitus thanks to our chiropractic care has helped.

A 2015 study looked at a group of patients with tinnitus and found that 47% of them suffered from cerviogenic tinnitus. In 2020, a patient was followed for a period of several months looking at the impact of chiropractic care along with specific neck exercises and documented the reduction of her tinnitus. Chiropractic care can certainly help with tinnitus.

Chiropractor for Tinnitus Near Me

While there is a long way to go in understanding how and why tinnitus occurs and there is no known cure, depending on the type of tinnitus you may have, chiropractic care may well be able to help.

At Warwick Chiropractic & Massage, we have helped many patients, such as the one in the video, to better manage their tinnitus. While nothing is certain with this condition, we would welcome the opportunity to treat and hopefully help your tinnitus here in Lacey. At the very least if your ringing doesn’t reduce, you can be assured of a good adjustment to help loosen up your neck and back and to feel less tension in that area. That in itself may help you be able to better deal with the ringing anyway.

So come in and see us. Walk ins welcome. Come and see your tinnitus chiropractor near me and see how we can help. Don’t forget we accept most major insurances. Be seen today.

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