Top Tips on Health Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use has grown and grown each and every year. Cell phones are not just for calling of course, they’re a little internet machine as well. This means that people spend a great deal of time playing, working or just surfing the net with them. This creates problems in many areas both physically and mentally. These tips on healthy cell phone use will hopefully help many people out there. Naturally, as a chiropractor here in Lacey WA, I see a great deal of patients who have neck pain, which is one consequence of too much cell phone use.

Let’s check out some great tips on healthy cell phone use.

Limit Cell Phone Use

Its obvious, but also difficult to do if you really are in the habit of using your phone too much. Some ways of limiting your use include:

  • Turning as many push notifications to off. Especially for games and apps that really not critical to life.
  • Spend less time on social media, or close your accounts.
  • Remove the most common apps that you don’t really have to use away from the home screen.
  • Try and schedule time away from your phone.
  • DO NOT take it to bed with you đŸ™‚
  • Most of all, take responsibility and be firm with yourself. You weren’t like this 10 years ago, were you?

The Consequences of Not Limiting Cell Phone Use

There’s a cost to everything in life. The cost of continuing to use your phone in excess are many. For example:

Text neck. This is where you are typically bending your neck forwards to look at the screen. This places increased pressure on your neck. Basically for every degree you look down, adds 1lb of pressure on your neck muscles. This is why we see many patients with neck pain at Warwick Chiropractic.

Poor posture. Continuing on from text neck, this puts increased pressure on the rest of your spine as you are not in proper posture. The additional stresses could even affect your back further down your spine.

Eyesight. The light from cell phones is not natural. Sure, manufacturers are making inroads to improving the screen displays and changing the white balance depending on time of the day, but again, excessive use will affect your eyes. Moreover, if you’re using it at night or in the evening, it can affect sleep and shift circadian rhythms.

In summary, use your phone less. Find the right balance between the virtual world and the real world. There is much beauty in the real world to explore and see.

If you are having neck problems, walk in and see us or schedule an appointment online. We can help adjust your neck, remove tension and help your posture too. Take heed of the tips on healthy cell phone use. above and try to use it less.

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