The headline you just read is a quote I read many years ago, back when I was in school.  And, I’m not sure if it is word-for-word because I never got a copy of the quote.  I just remembered it in my head.  I’m sure you know how things can change in your head after a few years… much less twenty!

Anyway, you don’t need the exact words to get the importance of that quote.  Since the day I read it, I’ve always been much more thankful for what I have in my life… instead of complaining about the things I didn’t.

What does this have to do with this inspirational story? Plenty!

Allow me to explain…Have you ever had the opportunity to watch college-wrestling match?  Now, you may not be interested in wrestling.  Most people aren’t.  But, if you have ever watched – even one minute of real college wrestling (not the stuff you see most of the time of TV.) you’ll realize instantly these guys (and now gals) are super athletes.

It takes speed, strength, agility… and… an incredible drive and desire to succeed.

Imagine that you are watching two top wrestlers locked in battle.  Their bodies are bending and flying all over the place.  They pick each other up and get slammed to the mat.

It’s almost a dead even match, but one wrestler is up by a small margin.  Finally, the referee yells time and they both slump onto the mat.

You see one wrestler – the loser – stand up and extend his hand to the winner.  The winner never stands up.  And when he extends his hand… you realize why…

The winning wrestler’s name is Kyle Maynard and he has no arms beyond two rounded stumps and no legs apart from a pair of short appendages with deformed feet.

I was shocked… to say the least… when I realized what I had just seen.  A man with no arms or legs had just beaten a “normal” man in a college wresting match.  He had beaten another trained college wrestler!!!

So, I googled this Kyle Maynard… and what I found was much more worthy of the term “shock and awe” than any military strike.

Kyle was born with his congenital amputation, but neither he nor his parent ever considered it a handicap.

Kyle’s father, an ex-college wrestler saw the mental toughness his son possessed and started teaching him the sport.  But, it was not always smooth sailing…

Kyle lost his first 35 high school matches.  And, according to a USA Today article, “After losing his first 35 high school matches in a row, Kyle was struggling physically and emotionally. ‘I was getting worried,’ he says. ‘Because losing in combat like that is very tough on the ego.’  But Kyle, with the help of his father and Cliff Ramos, the grappling coach at Collins Hill High School, soon developed fearsome moves typified by the “jawbreaker,”  when he grabs an opponent in the vise that is his two “arms.” And the tide turned. Many opponents found they couldn’t match Maynard’s speed or his strength-to-weight ratio. Some capitulated for other reasons: A number of wrestlers “tapped out”- touching the mat to end the match — within seconds of touching Maynard. ‘I guess I freaked them out’  says Maynard, shrugging. Their squeamishness, his gain. Maynard won most of his matches last year and wound up 12th in his 103-pound class at the National High School Wrestling Championships.”

Kyle is currently wrestling at Georgia University.  On most weekends, Maynard, who had a 3.7 GPA in high school and now is a conscientious public speaking major, makes time to address anyone from Midwestern high schoolers to South Florida seniors, preaching his “pursuit of normalcy.”

And maybe the best part:  screenwriter Tony Marinozzi is spending time with Kyle to make a movie about his life.

At the time of writing this newsletter a great link was available that allowed you to hear Kyle speak about his incredible life.  If you would like to hear an incredibly gifted and inspiring story…

go to and click on “Maynard: The Ultimate Fighter” in the second paragraph. I can’t wait for the movie.


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